Agree That Everything Comes From Above

laitman_604.04Subjugation means to agree with everything that comes from above and constantly to try to identify that there is no one else besides the Creator. We will then see that the Creator is good and does good; this is already the next stage. We need two corrections in order to proceed to the stage of a spiritual embryo.

The basis of all internal work is in the ten: in its construction and sensation and in the connection of the friends in the ten. We do not work with the Creator individually, personally. It would be an even greater and more serious mistake than remaining disconnected from the Creator if I were to use the ten in an egoistic manner without thinking about its connection and hoping to establish  connection with the Creator by bypassing it.

However, if I understand that my connection with the Creator and His connection with me passes only through the ten, then we connect into one whole; me, the ten, and the upper force are like Israel, the Torah, and the Creator, which are one.1

To be in Lo Lishma, from which we come to Lishma, means that at any place, in any state, and in everything that you think, see, and feel, you try to locate the Creator as a source of everything that is happening. This is also called Lo Lishma because it gives a person a good feeling, comfort, and joy from the fact that he depends on the Creator and not on enemies, haters, or blind chance.

Everything that comes to a person from the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and from people is an influence of the Creator and no one else. Therefore, a person is happy that he is under the correct governance that seeks to bring him to final correction. He constantly holds onto the Creator like a baby clinging to his mother.

To the extent that he is able, at every moment, not to let go of the Creator as the cause of everything that happens, he feels good. This state is called “Lo Lishma” because there is still one’s own interest in it—it helps a person feel good.

Yet, if a person wants to be connected with the Creator without any personal benefit, regardless of his pleasant or unpleasant feelings, then he wants to move to the state of Lishma. In this state, he raises the greatness of the Creator so much that he stops thinking about himself at all. It does not matter to Him how he feels, the main thing is to decide that the Creator is the source of all reality and by this to bring Him contentment, without any regard for himself. This means from Lo Lishma to come to Lishma.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/19, Surrender (Subjugation)
1 Minute 1:40
2 Minute 7:00

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