Don’t Work In Vain

Laitman_524.01Rabash, The Social Writings, the article “The Agenda of the Assembly 2”: When one exerts, he should make certain that it is not without reward. It is as we say in the prayer, “And came unto Zion,” “Lest we touch in vain.”Rather, when one goes to an assembly, he should acquire nourishments there so that when he goes home he will be able to see if he has something to put in the Kelim. Then he will have the nourishments to feed himself until the next meeting.

The fact is that the forces that a person can allegedly pull out of himself and from the surrounding nature by his own efforts, are not a spiritual result. A spiritual result can be obtained only when a person in a group, in connection with his friends, achieves a common desire with them, and from there draws strength that enables him to advance.

It turns out that all his spiritual work takes place at the expense of the power that he absorbs at the assemblies of friends—from assembly to assembly.

Question: It is written: “when one exerts, he should make certain that it is not without reward.” Should a person take care that he is paid for the effort that he makes?

Answer: Can it be that he works for free, that is, without visible, tangible results? Then he will be unable to understand whether he works or not.

There are people who are ready to do everything and somehow do not think about a reward. They believe that this speaks of their spirituality, although in fact it speaks of their levity. You need be very clear about what efforts you make, what you strive for, and what result you expect.

Question: That is, when we say, “like an ox under the yoke and a donkey carrying the load,” this does not mean that a person simply decided, “I invest and don’t think about a reward; I just follow this track”?

Answer: There is nothing praiseworthy in this approach. A person by nature cannot help but think about a reward. In this case, he should think about how to achieve the revelation of the Creator, that is, the revelation of the properties of bestowal and love in himself.

Question: Is this the intention that a person must go with to the assembly of friends?

Answer: Indeed. Otherwise, what is the meaning of his existence? Each of us must reach the highest state.

Question: And what do I give from myself to my friends?

Answer: You give them your participation, your strength, your spirit, and they give you theirs. In this way, when everyone is recharging from everyone, it turns out to be a very serious feeding of the whole ten, and everyone can do the work for the ten. This is how the goal is reached.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/27/18

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