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laitman_259.01It is very important to prepare yourself for the lesson. From the moment a person wakes up, washes himself, has a cup of coffee, gets dressed and comes to the place of study, he must constantly think about why he does all this. He will then come to the lesson with the right attitude and will begin to study.

To study means to sit with friends and check to what extent I am connected with them. If I am already at the stage of Rabbi Shimon, then I will feel hatred and rejection toward my friends. This is how the possibility of correction is revealed to me from above. I come not indifferent, but with a warm heart, either for or against connection.

Accordingly, it is determined whether I need the Torah or not, in the Light that returns to the source, which connects me with others. In our unity, we reveal all the letters of the Torah, all the properties of bestowal, so that later, according to these properties, we will reveal the Creator. Studying is an aid, but the main thing is the connection between us.1

The articles help us organize ourselves correctly, and The Study of the Ten Sefirot draws the reforming Light to us. However, in its study lurks another danger: beginning to study for the sake of gaining knowledge, not for the sake of the Torah, that is, the Light of correction. Maybe you want to know how many angels there are in heaven and what their names are? It is very important that “wisdom does not exceed your deeds,” that is, actions of bestowal. It is necessary to study for the sake of bestowal, otherwise you will distance yourself from the Creator and cultivate your pride.

While studying the articles that talk about the person’s path to the Creator, it is not so difficult to keep in the same direction with the text. But in this way we attract less reforming Light because we do not study the actions of the Creator. Whereas The Study of the Ten Sefirot, The Tree of Life, and The Book of Zohar contain very great Light. Not all parts of the Torah contain the same amount of reforming Light.

However, it is necessary to understand that a person cannot only study or read articles all the time. It is necessary to combine both. However, drawing the Light is of primary importance. If it were possible to draw the Light by jumping up ten times, we would jump. We need a means to draw the Light. Therefore, we see that the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed precisely in the form that allows it to become such a means for the current generation.2

The Light that returns to the source transfers the power of bestowal to us. We do not feel the Light itself, but only the result of its action. It is impossible to feel the Light itself, just like we do not feel electricity, but only the consequences of its work. The result of the action of the reforming Light is my desire to bestow. I do not want to be inside myself; I want to exist in others, in the Creator.3

People can do anything when they’re in a religious ecstasy: jump over fires and even burn themselves, and all this is for what purpose? Kabbalah says that there is the upper system that we can awaken by studying. We study the actions of the system, its work. And while reading, I want the system to work on my correction. I am not asking to make it worse for someone or better for myself. I ask that I become good inside, not that I feel good.

I can then bestow to others. That is, I will be able to pass the force that has now come to me and corrects me through myself to others and become a transmitter.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/19, Lesson on the Topic “The Right Way To Study The Wisdom Of Kabbalah”1 Minute 22:15
2 Minute 27:30
3 Minute 49:55
4 Minute 1:10:15

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