The Payment Will Be Just

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is known that “everything comes from above” and that “there is none else besides Him.” But it gives a person the opportunity to work. In spite of being able to attain and receive everything without any efforts, he, in any case, makes the efforts. This is in spite of the Creator not needing anything at all from him, not favors, not bestowal, not efforts and not suffering. A person, nevertheless, is ready to work through all of this since only then is he able to feel that it is real. On his part, he wants with all his heart and soul to be adhered to the Creator in general providence and also in individual providence.

When the reality of the spiritual levels is revealed to a person, then he sees that “there is none else besides Him,” and the creatures don’t achieve anything by their own power from within this perfection that is filled with everything and controlled completely. However, even though he sees that the Creator doesn’t need any action from his side, he clearly feels that he needs to act only because with all his might he wants to adhere to the Creator. And then the truth and faith connect inside him into one complete whole.

According to this, he begins to see the picture of the correct reality, since when he approaches adhesion and connection with humanity, with people, through them he reaches love for the Creator. As it says in the Torah: “From the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.” All that happens during different times and with different people unite into one for him because all reality is above time, movement, and space and is gathered in one place, one deficiency, in which all of its parts are similar to each other.

Thus, even though it seems to us that in this world there are people who make great efforts and others who harvest their rewards through the others’ efforts, in the end we see that all of this takes place in one Kli, in one desire. There is no disorganization or injustice here, since all of the disclosures connect together in one place and can belong to the Direct Light or the Reflected Light, to general providence or individual providence in the same process.

In the corporeal world, people think that the reward for their commandments await them in the next world, as it is written, “Today you do the work, and tomorrow you receive the reward.” But the next world is the next level that the person discovers here and now. The correct point of view is that the person’s reward is that he connects with others and then there is no difference as to where to make efforts, and the reward may be received in a completely different place. Since for him, all of this connects to one place, becomes one desire. And through the corrections everything comes to equivalence.

But during the preparation period, the concealment operates as long as a person hasn’t attained the same desire. The concealment is necessary in order to give him the opportunity to make efforts. After all, in the meantime, he doesn’t work for the sake of bestowal. As long as he hasn’t attained it, he discovers malfunctions in order to awaken him so he will make efforts in Lo Lishma (Not for Her Sake). But when he arrives at Lishma (For Her Sake), he begins to appreciate the efforts themselves as reward, and despite the fact that he sees perfection, he finds a place to make efforts.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/14/12, Shamati #43

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