The End Of The World As We Know It

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dani Rodrik, a professor at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government): “Over the next few years, the world economy slumps into what future historians will call the Second Great Depression. Unemployment rises to record-high levels. Governments without fiscal resources are left with little option but to respond in ways that will only exacerbate problems for other countries: trade protection and competitive exchange-rate depreciation. As countries sink into economic autarky, repeated global economic summits yield few results beyond empty promises of cooperation.

“As in the Great Depression, the political consequences are more serious and hold longer-term significance. The eurozone’s collapse (and, for all practical purposes, that of the EU itself) forces a major realignment of European politics. …Centrist parties pay the price for their support of the European integration project, and are repudiated in the polls by parties of the extreme right or extreme left. Nativist governments begin to kick out immigrants.

“For nearby countries, Europe no longer shines as a beacon of democracy. The Arab Middle East takes a decisive turn towards authoritarian Islamic states. In Asia, economic strife between the US and China spills over into military conflict, with increasingly frequent naval clashes in the South China Sea threatening to erupt into a full-scale war.”

My Comment: To prevent the downfall of humanity, it’s necessary to tell the world, like a sick person, about its illness and to spread this knowledge widely, to everybody, so that society becomes aware of the peril it is in. Knowing about the illness and its possible consequences is the first step towards overcoming it. Then it’s necessary to explain the reason for the situation we find ourselves in, the reason for the crisis. Having analyzed it, it’s possible to understand how to treat it. This is how the integral upbringing course is built.

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