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The world will say the #Jews are controlling #Trump. It wants to abolish Israel as a state, strike it out of all international organizations, ban trade with us, and reject our planes.
Kabbalah explains: Only thus can the Creator compel us toward correction.

Hate toward #Israel is growing around the world. We will soon feel that we are surrounded and there’s nowhere to flee.
Kabbalah: our destiny is in our own hands. Our salvation is the pursuit of unity. “Love your neighbor as yourself” must be fulfilled for the sake of our survival!

Liberation is achieving what we wish for in exile. Exile gives rise to the right request, and I get what I want: to think only of the Creator, His contentment. And this is actualized through the same attitude toward the friends. So the group reveals the Creator between us.

If I know that there’s a condition in which I’ll wish to bring contentment to the Creator thru the friends, but now I still don’t have a desire for it and am unable to want it—then I’m in exile, controlled by the forces that don’t allow me to want it. This is the degree of exile.

Exile is a feeling of incapacity to give contentment to the Creator. I wish to, but I cannot. This feeling is called exile. Each condition is determined in relation to the opposite one. Therefore, there is no liberation without exile, and there is no exile without liberation.

Desires are constantly growing, so that we correct them in the connection between us and fulfill each other. Otherwise, desires grow and suffering will as well. They accumulate and will force us to realize that they come in to push us forth toward connection, bestowal, love of others.

Regarding the evolution: Desires grow—suffering grows. The only way to correct them is to turn them into bestowal. Suffering comes only to the desires that through unity can be turned into enjoyment. Great ego-desires are waiting to unfold in us. Correction is in unification.

Egoism develops to such an extent that its rule goes from being pleasant to unbearable, which pushes us to look for a way out of it.
From Twitter, 8/9/18

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