“Why Has The Weather Suddenly Gone Crazy?”

laitman_764_2In the News (NewsCom.md): “Across the world the global weather has changed dramatically, …

“In the last few days alone, we have seen the ‘life-threatening’ heat waves, extremely dangerous forest fires, terrible tornadoes and unprecedented flooding. And that’s just in the United States. And, of course, we see a continuation of a trend that is rooted in the past year, when the very strange weather created ‘apocalyptic conditions’ in many areas around the world. So why is this happening? For decades, we could count on the weather conditions falling within fairly predictable parameters. But now everything is completely and suddenly changed. …

“Europe also has to deal with some very fierce weather. Severe flooding has been reported and recorded across the continent, and the French have just experienced the rainiest month, starting in 1886. … as a result of heavy rain Seine burst its banks, and the Louvre was closed, leaving the art museum as a precautionary measure. on the other side of the planet, many parts of India had to deal with an unprecedented wave of heat. On Thursday, May 19 in India was broken heat record on record. And that was part of the crushing, extreme heat, which has raised temperatures in northern India ‘above 104 degrees for a few weeks’… Because of the heat, hundreds of people were killed and crops were destroyed crops in more than 13 states, reports the Associated Press. …

“What if our weather will become crazier and crazier? If that happens, then there will inevitably be a famine, major riots and massive political unrest across the globe. Can our world provide seven billion people with all that is necessary?”

My Comment: Not only is our world prepared to provide everything necessary for everyone, but the world is also prepared to change the weather itself to a comfortable and balanced state in every area of the world, but to do this, we need to change ourselves because specifically we are the ones who are violating the balance of the weather!

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