Dislosing The Creator

Laitman_065Question: You said that, in order to read in the sources, the Ohr Yashar (Direct Light) will help us. Is there a way to feel this, or will everything happen suddenly?

Answer: As a general rule, it happens suddenly. There a process of zooming in and out from the Creator, but when His revelation happens to a person is unknown in the previous second.

Question: What does the person feel when this happens?

Answer: He feels a flood of Light in his mind and feelings, in his characteristics and understanding. The Creator is not a concept with some kind of pleasant feeling; rather, you begin to see the depth of His natural system and how it is moving.

The Creator is a system. So, it is possible to attain Him only through its operation on us, through our integration within this system.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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