Warning, The Circuit May Repeat

laitman_220In the News (vz.ru): “Four developmental stages are known to mankind: the archaic, traditional, industrial (modern era) and post-industrial (postmodern).

“And, judging by all the trends, these phases follow each other in a closed cycle. That is, the postmodern will follow the new archaic, even with robots, plasma engines and Martian colonies.

“The main feature of the archaic society is its isolation and castes. The current post-modern globalization breaks up into fragments of closed regional systems. Democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, even with formal observance of the rights and freedoms will be replaced despotism.

“And if the despotism of the modern era (beginning with the totalitarian regimes of the XX century) were powerful, they are fragile and will not last forever …

“At the same time the border between the postmodern and new archaic very unsteady. This is not the first manifestation of a new era of the steadfast position of the liberal forces in the world that, in spite of the declaration of rights and freedoms (including the right of free choice), openly spit on the voting results and slowly and persistently grow its roots in the body of society. …

“Despots of modernity kept their identity (Stalin, Mussolini, Roosevelt). Archaic despots are impersonal. … the faceless bankers caste / priests / fathers of the people. In this case, unlike the monarch era traditions, the archaic despot is not bound by any obligations to citizens and the higher powers. He is the supreme power. …

“What is important in the world of the archaic era? The main thing – it’s the law. The Law of Moses or the Code of Hammurabi, the customs of your caste, the word of the despot, officer or supervisor. …

“In this regard, the destruction of Christianity in Europe, the main teachings of the tradition of the era, and its replacement on the postmodern calculations is highly symbolic, but on the surface. But the content of exchanges in Europe, migrants who profess the doctrine of dogmatic (opposed to the traditional) Islamic law, which is indistinguishable from that of ancient times, carries a much larger problem.

If this process is not stopped, then after 30 years, Europe will be divided into 50 Caliphates in which Islam is not only developed, but also sits as indestructible oppressive institutions of power. What we see today in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries in the region.

“However, their shape and way of life will be determined not by the will of the peoples and nations, … , but simply by the opportunity and the will of these same faceless rulers.”

My Comment: The boundary between postmodernism and a new archaic is unstable. This is the stage of the proliferation of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Kabbalah calls for this so that history will not repeat all four of its stages. Movement toward the next cycle can be by way of a world war.

Humanity must learn a lesson from the four egoistic phases of development through which it has passed in order not to repeat them on their advanced level, and instead, attract the light of a higher correction to balance its egoism and to begin to exist in a system of the three lines on the next level, not in our world, but in the world of Atzilut, the purpose of creation.

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