The Mission Of The Kabbalist

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah serves as a basis for everything that happens in humanity. By some inconceivable streams and links, everything in the world is connected to Kabbalah: science, culture, art, and beliefs.

Everything else is an animal development of humanity because the world is divided into two parts: “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what belongs to God.”

Comment: However, humanity still needs to come to this, despite the understanding that everything is taken from there….

Answer: I also used to be like all of humanity. So what?

You begin to explore, delve deeper, and at the same time, you don’t lose your head and feelings. You stay a normal human being with all of the desires, understanding, and connection with this world.

Together with it, you penetrate into the structure of the universe, and you see completely different things there, something that physicists just start talking about. You discover the Infinity, and this is not infinity the way that we understand it. In fact, these are your normal, internal states, just not corporeal.

Comment: The Torah is a basis for everything. However, it will take a long time until people come to the understanding of Kabbalah.

Answer: This is not true! If a person receives just a little prick, he says, “Oh! Enough! I am ready! No more.” Nowadays, we are exactly in such a state. Therefore, one little prick with a stick, a stimulus, is enough for us to move our donkey (Chamor in Hebrew)—that is, our matter (Chomer)—forward. We just need to be pricked, in other words, to receive a stimulus.

Question: Do you think that we will see a mass transition of the people to the “land of Israel”?

Answer: I don’t have any expectations. I must do what I can till the last breath. This is the best.

Of course, everyone should want to be like Moses, but not everyone can. Nevertheless, each of us must reach their purpose, perhaps a small one, but his own. Then, you will rise to the same level of Infinity, to the same height as Rabbi Shimon, the author of The Book of Zohar, Moses, and all other Kabbalists, the so-called superhumans.

Just do your part! It doesn’t matter who you are and with whom you communicate. If you, in your place, are able to invest your maximum effort into connection between people and their adhesion to the Creator, you will rise to exactly the same level as all great Kabbalists.

Question: Is a person given the understanding that this is exactly his place?

Answer: If he is open for it, his mission will find him.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/3/15

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