The Terrorist Attack In Tel Aviv

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment:  As a result of the terrorist attack in the shopping and entertainment center in Tel Aviv, four people were killed and sixteen injured. This caused a surge of joy in the military wing of Hamas, in Gaza, and adjacent countries. This way began the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Answer: Terrorist attacks have to be restrained not with military means, so aggression from our side won’t help.

The most effective is to take away from terrorists their ideological base, and not to use force against force. If they act according to the ideological motives, we too must respond in the same way. And our ideological strength is only in unity.

If we don’t unite, we will have nothing that can oppose what they put forward. Therefore, neither the decisions of our ministers nor the destruction of the houses of terrorists will give any results. They are good as a preventative method or as a tactic, but nothing else.

We have no other choice. We have only one weapon and it is unity. Through it we invite from the depth of Nature its greatest power, the so-called Upper Light. Like a laser beam it burns away all the evil on its way and leaves only good.

This is the weapon we can acquire if we really want to unite. Then in the center of our connection, in the center of our nation the Light that is directed to everything that prevents us from becoming one single entity will appear. At the same time all negative forces and everyone who is against this rule will disappear from the world and the world will come to its unity.

We must do one thing only: to be conductors of the upper Light to our world. This is the mission of all Jewish people.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/9/16

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