A Small Bridge Between Love And Hate

laitman_933Question: Should we change our character and attributes to become happier in life?

Answer: No, all we have to do is to connect with one another correctly. By discovering the Creator in this connection everyone remains the same. Moreover, a person doesn’t need to distort himself, pretend to be something else, and engage in eliminating egoism. It is enough to restore the connections between himself and others above the ego.

Question: What is a connection? Is there anything in our world that is similar to it?

Answer: Imagine that you hate someone and love him at the same time. If we calculate the average between these two attitudes and arrive at an average attitude: between your attitude to another and the other’s to you, this will be the right mutual connection.

We assume that a certain attitude is our nature and that we cannot change it, but we can build a small bridge of mutual connection above it. The greater the gap between egoistic hate and altruistic love, the higher a person is and the greater is the magnitude of the Creator he discovers between himself and others.

Question: Are these relations similar to the relations between a father and son?

Answer: Absolutely not, a father and a son are connected by relations on the animate level, an animal relationship.

Question: Why aren’t we given an example of the right connection?

Answer: Because we cannot connect the two emotions of love and hate at the same time. But we were given a group of like-minded people in order to build such mutual relations.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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