Becoming The Owner Of Body And Soul

Laitman_709We must educate people from infancy to relate to their bodies as a stranger that has attributes, opinions, feelings, etc.

For example, when some part of the body hurts, we must say that the body hurts, that it is the body that has pain. In other words, relate to the body as a part that is not merged with the person himself; rather, it exists separately next to him for awhile, as Rabash would say when he would point at the body and say: “Let it suffering!”

With such training of this attitude toward the body it will gradually become a habit to perceive the body as something given to us in addition to the soul, and to differentiate the soul from the body. We must also speak about the soul as something that we are given for a particular period of time for a particular purpose.

The person himself must be the owner of both the body and the soul, managing both of them, the egoism of the body and the higher purpose of the soul. The soul and the body are like two lines, and we must build a third line as the combination and sum of both of them, and you see yourself, your embodiment, as the result of the combination of both of them.

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