A Soul Is Not What You Thought It Was

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe group must continuously work with every friend, and friends must work with the group. This is what is required of a person. When we arrange everything correctly, we accelerate time, and then we really feel the development.

But when we don’t, the development drags very slowly. We lose hold of the cause and the purpose, we are unable to distinguish the stages on the path, and everything happens without inner strength, an inner action, which needs to spur our advancement.

And this is why we must count the states, degrees, stages, and actions that we realize. We need to make sure our desire depends on us: not on the individual, but the environment.

Spirituality only exists in the Kelim (vessels, desires) that are “situated” between people. Suppose we have a special filter that helps us see the desires of people. Then we put another filter and instead of seeing their personal desires, we uncover their common desires which extend between them. These desires are the spiritual Kli.

The desires cannot exist separately in any individual person; they can only be awakened through a common action, a mutual guarantee, the principle of, “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you,”and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Essentially, we build the Kli by moving these desires from one stage to another. This is the “half of the work” that is the responsibility of the creature.

Even this does not refer to actual desires. When we turn to the group, we see that nobody has a desire directed towards the spiritual goal. However, we can awaken ourselves towards an appeal, a common prayer, and this will evoke the Light which shapes our Kli.

And then, to the measure of its desire, the Kli begins to demand correction in a collective, group-like form and becomes a soul (Neshama). A “soul” is not one’s personal, individual inner sensation; it is a shared sensation that lives among all.

In the corporeal world, we think that each one of us is a Kli. But in spirituality, it is the other way around: A Kli is that which is common between us. Corporeality is the receiving Kli which absorbs everything, while spirituality is a bestowing Kli which emits bestowal outwardly.

Measurements are always done on the outside, and this is why we are unable to recognize the spiritual world; we are unable to explain, reveal, and perceive it. This is because there, everything is evaluated only according to collectivity, the mutual strength.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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