The Terrorist Attacks In Belgium As A Prelude

laitman_272Comment: Another video was posted on the Internet from Daesh (The Islamic State). In it one of the organizers of this group who is “operating” in Europe, Abu Hanifa al-Belgiki, says: “You came to Syria to bombard us daily. The question is, will this bring you benefit? Despite the daily attacks, Muslims are living here happily. One attack on you and you are living in fear.”

Answer: The fact is that it all depends on the purpose for which you exist. If you are living for a particular dream and that is the most important thing for you, and because of it you are found in a terrible state of pressure, this situation is desirable for you.

If you understand that you can attain your goal only through suffering, you are ready for suffering; you agree with it and are happy to be in it.

Thousands of young people from all over the world are running to this “romance” of the Islamic State. But then it turns into a disappointment because it brings nothing but suffering without the lofty dream.  And suffering with a lofty dream is only deified, purified by this dream, make it even higher, even more romantic.

For example, during the revolution, suffering was elevated to a supreme rank, the manifestation of the revolutionary spirit and a burning heart. So we have been through all of this. In any case, it is the same thing. The ego glorifies itself; drives are “the best.”

In contrast, to the degree that we develop, our ego demands more and more fulfillment, meaning justification for its actions, but that doesn’t happen. Continued disappointments are expected for the Islamists because they will gradually see that they cannot build their glorious future on their land, they will not have attained the establishment of their Caliphate, they have already struggled for decades and nothing happened. There is no movement.

All of this will be discovered later because the ego grows and demands fulfillment. It demands new ideas that are not being realized. In principle, it seems that specifically the call for extremism will lead to a small group of religious extremists remaining and everyone else will remain secular.

Comment: Is this where the “Islamic Revolution” is headed? I thought it would be the opposite, more and more romantics would run to them….

Answer: The romantics will run, but the number of romantics is thousands and not millions. These are not all of the billion Muslims in the Arab world. Those billion Muslims in the Arab world are not summed up by them because our ego is growing and must take this parameter into account. The ego is growing and we require more and more reasonable concrete proofs.

Question: Will the result be that this radical Islam will bring us to the finish line?

Answer: Nothing happens in vain, everything is for the better.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/28/16

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