Hell, Heaven, And The Kabbalists

Laitman_093Question: There is a joke about heaven and hell: For one person, God made an exception and showed him heaven and hell. They asked the person: “Well, how is it there in Hell?” He answers: “There is an enormous round table there in the middle of which stands a bowl with a fragrant smelling puddling. Sinners are sitting around the table and each of them has a spoon in his hand. But they are angry and hungry because the spoon is too long so that nobody is able to bring it close to his mouth.”

They ask him: “And how is in Heaven?” He answers: “There is an identical table there with the same bowl and delicacies. Around the table sit the Tzadikim (righteous). But they are satisfied and content.” They ask him: “How can this be?” He answers: “They have learned how to feed each other.”

Did Kabbalists invent this joke?

Answer: That’s what they say!

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