New Life #604 – A New World Order

New Life #604 – A New World Order
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


The wisdom of Kabbalah analyzes what happens in the world from the perspective of the upper world and the system of leadership. The world has changed greatly. In the past, countries had plans for many years ahead and today this is practically impossible.

Islam was dormant and now it is suddenly awakening. But this awakening will soon die out since new energy sources other than oil have been found. Americans were greatly dependent on the Arab States because of their oil, but now the US has oil resources too, so that’s it. The US will lose interest in the Middle East.

Islamic terror will die out when there will be no more money to fund it. Iran will go on with its projects, but Russia will restrain it so that both countries will not be brought down. Muslim immigrants that have conquered Europe are now in the US, but they will soon be limited. Israel is a technological superpower, but the US doesn’t need us anymore. China cannot be a superpower since it doesn’t have the brains Israel or the US. Israel will be like a small island in the ruined Middle East. Turkey will remain strong and Egypt may rise.

But the most important change is that nations that have the spirit of unity and connection will be the strongest. Growing egoism doesn’t allow countries to get closer, and only Israel will provide the method of connection. The major factor that will determine which country will be strong is the unity between its people. The alliance between all the states in the US will collapse and the US will be divided into fifty states.

Only those who are strong in spirit will prevail. We are facing the era of spirit. Those who will be close to Israel will succeed. The unity in Israel, that is now divided, will stem from the wisdom of Kabbalah and then we will be a “Light unto the nations.”
From KabTV’s “New Life #604 – A New World Order,” 8/4/16

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