Compare Yourselves With Losers

laitman_627_2Research (mignews): “To make it easier to overcome the difficulties of life, you need to compare yourself with those who are worse off than you.

“Each of us certainly feels regret. It may be rash acts [that] ensued fatal consequences and unfulfilled dreams. To survive disappointment and envy of those who have achieved the desired, you should compare your success with those less fortunate than you. According to scientists from the University of Concordia, this rule is equally applicable to both the young and the elderly.

“’We learned how people of different ages cope with regrets. One of the most common mechanisms is social comparison, which can be either positive or negative, depending on whether people believe that they are capable to change something. In general, when they compare themselves with those who are worse, they do not feel so bad as comparing with the more successful people, which makes them unhappy,’- told the authors of the study.

“’Emotional stress associated with regrets can cause hormonal disorders and malfunction of the immune system, making people become vulnerable to various diseases. We believe that a comparison of his situation with the less profitable improves emotional well-being and prevents health problems,’ – scientists conclude.”

My Comment: This is the right advice for departing from depression and worry, but after moving from the negative state (the left line) to the positive state (the right line), we must stop ourselves in the satisfactory state (the middle line) to actually weigh and respond to the situation.

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  1. Overcome with a true Perception of Reality and a Strong willed desire to attain a higher state, not to succumb to misery.

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