Chronic Stress : A Call To Action!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Los Angeles Times): “With decades ahead of them in the job market, more than half of millennials stay awake at night chewing over all manner of worries, according to a study.

“Those 18- to 33-year-olds actually stress out more than older generations, the American Psychological Assn. concluded in its new study. Slightly more than 50% said that overwhelming worries disrupted their sleep in the past month.

“A dour economy is top of mind for young people, with work and job stability sending their stress levels soaring. And no wonder — their unemployment rate is 13.1%, well above the overall nation’s 7.8%. …

“Nearly 40% of millennials said their stress shot up in the last year, compared with 33% of baby boomers and 29% of those 67 and older.

“Perhaps reflecting their relative inexperience with the working world, the study found young people were more likely to react to stress with anger or annoyance.”

My Comment: This is only the beginning of another great American problem: a big disappointment in capitalism and in the society of great and equal opportunities, and the collapse of the American dream. There is an urgent need to include the entire population in the “process” of correcting themselves by fostering a correct perception of the new world and society. Otherwise, all the energy of the masses will be aimed at destruction.

Society cannot be left unattended; it needs to be taken care of as if caring for a child; the country must bring everybody to study the behavior in the conditions of the new world: the environment (climate), our nature (the laws of society), and the required change in man’s attitude towards the environment (personal correction).

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