A New Kind Of Stress: Boredom At Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dr. Sandi Mann, a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire): “According to new studies, boredom in the workplace is growing, affecting everyone from the high-fliers to the drones.

“…boredom – after anger – is the second-most commonly suppressed emotion in the workplace. …

“What’s more, Dr Mann believes fewer of us are willing to put up with boredom as we expect every aspect of our lives to be fulfilling – an attitude that would have been far less common among older generations  with a more practical outlook. …

“A study on the link between counterproductive work behavior and boredom by Montclair State University and University of South Florida identified six ways bored employees might harm their organizations: by abusing others, by ‘production deviance’ (purposely failing at tasks), sabotage, withdrawal, theft and horseplay. The most common of which is withdrawal. …

“[Mark] de Rond, [from the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School] also says there is a type of boredom where professionals get bored not because they don’t have enough work, but because they feel they have nothing worthwhile to do.”

My Comment: To the extent of the growth of egoism and, moreover, to the extent of it turning into a spiral, when it becomes globally integral, all the negative effects and emotions will be more and more manifested, and no psychological trick will help, except for the correction of egoism itself.

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