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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let’s say that a group of integral learning specialists, including economists, arrives in a small town. What should they be like in order to properly organize the economic process?

Answer: The entire group has already completed a course of integral education; they understand it and know what they need to do. Naturally, different corrections will arise along the way because every year is a new year, the situation and people are new, and the specialists are gaining experience. But in general, everyone in the group knows the common plan of action well. They operate as a completely separate team who only do social-educational work with the population.

Question: Do the economists also need to feel the essence of the integral method or is superficial knowledge enough for them?

Answer: No. I think that the main group needs to be deeply in this method, understanding that there is no other solution to the crisis, and they need to start learning it and gaining experience. Of course, initially there will be some mistakes and discrepancies regarding the plan, the timetable, etc. Naturally, there will be problems with the local management and other yet unknown problems.

But despite this, it’s necessary to gradually create the form of a common team, which would be capable of quickly adapting to any place and would be able to take on the work regardless of the kind of management or local conditions. Therefore, an integral approach towards creating this needs to be developed. I think that this is possible.

It’s best to depend as little as possible on the local management. Never try to argue with them, but simply explain how this will benefit them, and that we have really come to help them.
From Kab TV’s “Experimental City: Education” 3/3/12

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