Depression Is The Best Advisor

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (From “Patients with depression tend to evaluate themselves and the possible turn of events more realistically, whereas healthy people tend to overestimate.

“The down side of depression includes sadness, apathy, and loss of appetite; however, those who suffer from depression are notably better at making decisions than healthy people because they are more prone to analysis and to being more cautious.

“Cognitive problems are better solved by people with medium level of depression. Depression humanizes a person and makes him more moral. In a manic state a person can be violent and heartless, but in a state of depression one becomes sensitive and compassionate.

“While all of this is comforting, it does not justify depression.”

My Comment: Kabbalah develops one’s ability to be in two opposite states simultaneously. For instance, a person can feel joy and sadness simultaneously because alongside of his egoism, Kabbalah also develops his qualities of bestowal and compassion. This constantly expands a person’s perception and awareness of the world and allows him or her to be fulfilled by it while never becoming empty. This is impossible to achieve through our inherent egoistic qualities.

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