Happy April Fools Day!

laitman_288_1Comment: April Fools Day is a day of fun. It is also a day of foolishness and jokes. There are many great jokes related to April Fools Day! This is the only holiday that unites all people of all genders, races, ages, and religions.

Answer: People do eccentric things. If there is the slightest reason not to pay attention to terrorism, war, problems, and fear, then eccentric things that are childish and free raise you above yourself.

People love humor more than satire because although it indeed creates happiness, it leaves an unpleasant impression. In humor there is pure happiness because it manifests a brilliant spark in the human mind, which invents such states. In humor they describe situations in two sentences that are internally contradictory so when one of them contradicts the other and eliminates it and at the same time both of them exist, this arouses happiness in us. We are happy about mental revelations like these, practical jokes like these, and love these situations. In this way we are like children.

Question: What would you wish for our viewers on the April Fools Day holiday?

Answer: We need to draw a conclusion about this holiday. A person loves being elevated above himself! After all, we laugh at ourselves, at our ego, at our limitations, at the naïve faith we have about things we are told, what the communications media and strangers “feed us.” In fact, we always remain little children. We only lack a warm and secure world so that it will truly be the subject of constant warmth and happiness.

We all know how good it is to be a child, if only school and the rigid educational system and everything else wouldn’t suppress him, he flows through life, growing well, where all of his pursuits match what his soul is drawn to.

We can create a life like this for ourselves, and along with it not feel as on “April Fools Day” when we seem to be fooling ourselves. If we just fool our egoistic nature by being above it, persuading our ego and working together against it, it will suddenly seem possible that our nature is in our hands. Let’s help each other not to fool others and ourselves! And we will see that it is possible to build a wonderful world and society with good mutual relationships and give a permanent example to each other. Then April Fools Day will continue all year!

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  1. so everything is just an ilusion ,only a will to recive exists in reality and in recognizing this we can prepare ourselves to acquire a desire to go above our ego in order to contrast the illusion and construct something real?

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