In The Shoes Of A Refugee

laitman_926_01Question: An event was held at the World Economic Forum in Davos, “One Day in the Shoes of a Refugee.” This was an event organized by former refugees and NGO volunteers. They suggested that all the participants of the forum spend one hour in the shoes of a refugee and feel what it is like.

Answer: I don’t know what the participants in the forum felt in the shoes of the refugees. They aren’t really oriented emotionally toward this since money is primarily what is important to them. There are fifty-nine million refugees in the world, but I think that there are many more immigrants. The problem is not the refugees but people who are moving to other places. How many have left Russia and its neighboring countries? It is not possible to count them.

Humanity is beginning to lose connection with the earth. A person transcends his origin, his birthplace, his prior education, and his family, and gradually stops feeling a connection with the places that were close to his heart. As the world advances, people disconnect from the earth because we are in a new situation, in transition to the next level of development.

People are ready to live without a connection to a particular point on the planet or to a particular society. A virtual world exists for them. Even their perception is becoming virtual. They are ready to create completely new social and economic relationships.

We will stop pulling everything possible from nature. We will stop depleting it and begin to consume only what is necessary. Humanity will advance in its understanding, in its sensing and inner development, into the general feeling of nature.

Question: Are you optimistic?

Answer: I am always optimistic. The problem is only how the new world will be born, how we will go through the labor pains. We could be pressured so much that the next level will be born after the loss of several billion people in bloody wars, in suffering, and long labor pains.

I would like, and I know that it is possible, to do this differently, easily, practically, and well. The wisdom of Kabbalah offers this way. The next level is ready for us. There is no doubt about it, but let’s try to reach it in a good way. I hope that humanity will hear this in spite of everything.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/22/16

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