In Favor Of The Death Penalty?

Laitman_036Question: On Israeli TV Channel 2’s program”Meet the Press,” the question of who can solve the country’s security problem and curb the wave of terrorism wave in Israel was discussed. According to a recent poll, Avigdor Liberman and his decisive policy—the death penalty for terrorists, immediate destruction of homes, and so on—came in first, which is not surprising since people have grown tired of terrorism.

Answer: This is not surprising at all! I understand people who are afraid to go out into the streets and are afraid to let their kids play in the yard or go to school or kindergarten.

They see Liberman as a serious man with a tough and serious approach. When he was a minister, serving in different governments and different offices, his work was always well organized.

Question: Does that mean that he made tough decisions?

Answer: I don’t know if they were tough. What do you mean by tough?

There are people who would cry hysterically if you wave a finger at them. There are those who will remain calm if you beat them. And there are people who will whistle as you put them in front of a firing squad. It depends on whom and how!

Therefore, it is impossible to say whether these are tough measures or not. With regard to the people to whom Liberman refers, these are not tough measures. By the way, they understand it very well and even respect it.

Question: Can the death penalty be enacted in Israel?

Answer: Why not? If there is such a penalty in neighboring countries, why not in Israel? The Torah doesn’t forbid it.

According to the Torah, for example, there cannot be prisons. There is no such concept in the Torah. It is because people come out of there even more corrupt, and this applies to every country.

Question: Then, what? Let’s say that the death penalty would be introduced. Can such a bold policy change the state of affairs in the country?

Answer: Yes, it clearly would change everything. We must put things in order at home. Our country cannot exist as others do. There is plenty to do here.

Whatever we do must be focused on the overall advancement of all of mankind. We must set an example of how we relate to the various manifestations of good and evil. This is our mission!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/24/16

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  1. But what if innocent people are executed because of the implentation of the death penalty ?

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