An Embryo Has No Right To Criticize Its Mother

laitman_232_09Rabash, “What Is That The Right Hand Should Be Raised Over The Left Hand In The Work”: We need the drawing force and the delaying force in conception. This means that conception is the first phase when a person enters Holiness.

The drawing force is the force that shows the truth, the drawing of the world, which means whether one has a good picture of the state he is in, which shines on him in the world, which means the form he has when he looks at his work, whether he is in a state of wholeness or not, meaning whether he works for in order to bestow or whether he wants to work for in order to bestow no matter what.

The delaying force is called by that name since when the drawing force shows a person the truth, which during conception is called the beginning of the world, he surely sees the deficiencies which may be grip for the Sitra Achra (the other side) and therefore there must be a delaying force, so that the embryo will not fall, which means fall into the Sitra Achra, and in order to delay and prevent the fall although there is a deficiency, as the drawing force shows, a certain form that this work has, the delaying force is called the right line.

It is because it moves on to the phase of wholeness, which means that he believes in the faith of sages who said that a person should be happy with what he has, which means with his attainment of the Torah and the Mitzvot (commandments), which is a great reward for him since he sees that there are people to whom the Creator has not given a thought or a desire even for the fact that I do have a certain attainment, which is called the delaying force, that one should not fall from the world and that he will also be born later, meaning from this world of keeping himself in conception, meaning at the beginning of the work, that there should be two lines, meaning the right and the left lines, and he will be rewarded to be born and to be in the phase of suckling of Holiness, which by the drawing force and the delaying force a whole embryo will come out of this work in Holiness.

Our development involves drawing and delaying. The drawing force develops the embryo and the delaying force delays and guards the embryo so that that drawing force would not destroy the embryo and so that it will develop into the correct body. The drawing force develops the embryo from the inside and the delaying force limits it on the outside and so together they build the future newborn.

It is just like a statue that can be sculptured out of clay and can be made from a block of marble by removing unnecessary parts, which means that it is possible to add or to remove, to add a form or to remove matter, and thus eventually turn the block of marble into a statue.

This is how our embryo is formed, because we need two forces, the force of bestowal and the force of receiving, which should be balanced, in harmony, supporting each other; the Light keeps the darkness and the darkness keeps the Light. This is the reason that we must constantly yearn for connection, mutual support, love, and corrections because this is the correction of the shattering. We build the embryo in the connection between us, the states of Ibur (conception), Yenika (suckling) and Mochin (mind), meaning our increasingly more advanced forms, until the end of correction. This development is achieved by the increasingly greater connections between the parts of the desire, attributes, and inclinations that are in the connection; the drawing force is revealed in the feeling of connection between us.

I undergo ascents and descents in the same connection, feeling it as good or bad, justifying it or not. I see the depicting force that draws the picture of the Lord’s work for me in a different way and so I must constantly work on keeping my state of an embryo so that despite the pictures that are depicted to me I will accept them thankfully and be impressed by them because I keep advancing in bestowal toward the true form of the Creator, toward absolute love and bestowal.

It turns out that I need the delaying force, which guards and doesn’t allow me to break through and to criticize but constantly keeps me impressed by the forms that I attain. These forms are not pleasant, of course, if we weigh them by our egoistic mind and feelings, and so I constantly need the delaying force that brings me back to the right conclusions.

If these new forms are forms of in order to bestow, I weigh them in my desire to bestow in faith above reason and accept them as good and right forms, and although at the moment I cannot accept them in my heart and soul, I accept them in faith above reason, in my overcoming power, and agree to be in them without any egoistic sweetening. I don’t think about my personal benefit but only about the well being of the group, of the environment.

I am required to scrutinize things carefully and sharply in order to weigh my situation soberly and without mistakes in the spiritual fog. But I actually weigh things simply and see whether it is for the sake of my ego or for the sake for the environment. If I weigh it from the perspective of the environment, I ensure that my embryo adheres increasing more tightly to the wall of the womb. The group is the womb. Thus I advance and adapt myself more and more to the upper, to the spiritual womb, and this is how I will be able to receive from the upper increasingly more of the Light that Reforms, like a corporeal embryo who receives his vitality from his mother.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/14

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