ISIS Human Organ Trafficking

Laitman_198Comment: The “Islamic State” has declared that it is allowed trafficking in human organs. The worst thing is that the order allows harvesting organs from living people without considering that it could lead to death, claiming the life of a traitor should not be taken into account.

Answer: ISIS members are convinced that this action will raise man’s honor, from the level of a traitor to a person who acts for the sake of the just cause.

Comment: But that is utter lawlessness and they announce such outrageous statements openly.

Answer: This is the most important thing in their agitation and propaganda, the hard and horrible approach to life. Surprisingly this cruelty attracts people since it gives them a purpose in life and a goal that justifies their actions. For the sake of the goal, they are ready to kill others and even die themselves.

Since when a person connects himself to a higher goal, his ideology and goal stand out as most important, above our world, and he feels that he is in connection with the Creator! Subconsciously people feel strength in that which promises them permanent fulfillment.

Comment: But the degrading attitude of the ISIS to their surroundings shocks everyone.

Answer: To the contrary! It is precisely through these statements that they exhibit how little they spare themselves or others for the sake of the higher goal. The cruelty attracts people, the simplest person, and causes him to understand that this is a supreme goal.

According to several ancient Eastern sources, if a king did not execute 1,000 people a year, he was not considered to be the king. To be respected was to fear him, to feel his power. It was the same with the Russian nation that treated Stalin with respect because he ruled them with a strong hand.

Question: So how are we to relate to ISIS?

Answer: We need only to learn from them how an organization manages propaganda, propaganda that shows people how to reach connection with the Creator. Actually this connection is displayed through a war with the ego.

We need to unite people with the goal of raising them as one to a level higher than the one they exist on. In spite that this is against human nature and the ego objects to this, we will give the system of the wisdom of Kabbalah to humanity, and to the extent that we disseminate it, to that extent the new emerging “Islamic State” will begin to starve.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/25/15

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