Conception Is The First Level Of The Spiritual Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, “What Is The Cup of Blessing Must Be Full in the Work”: There is a difference between speaking and mute in the work. Since speaking is the state of revelation, meaning that one has already attained the state of suckling in spirituality, and he already feels that he is suckling from Kedusha (Divinity). And the state of suckling points to Hassadim (Mercy), because Hesed is the state of bestowal, since when one merits the vessels of bestowal, meaning when all his actions are for the sake of Heaven and he no longer cares for himself, it is called that he merited the state of Hessed (bestowal).

However, gestation precedes it, meaning that the upper one corrects him. In the meantime a person doesn’t participate in his own correction. He only annuls himself and the upper one does all the work. But every time a person annuls himself differently with regards to new discernments. He encounters new problems, troubles, yet he annuls himself, lowers his head and accepts everything.

And this is when one is like an unborn in his mother’s womb, where the unborn annuls before his mother, and he has no opinion of his own. Rather, as the sages said, “The unborn within his mother eats what his mother eats” and he has no existence of his own, to ask any questions, or do anything on his own, and that means that he is mute and that he has no mouth to ask any questions.

A person makes himself mute, he as though doesn’t exist inside the upper one at all so as not to disturb the upper one and not to be a foreign force in it. If the embryo is a foreign body inside the mother, her body will immediately resist it and reject the embryo as something hostile. But this is the wonder of nature since the exact opposite happens and the mother’s whole body begins to work for the benefit of the embryo instead of rejecting him. This happens because in nature the corporeal embryo also annuls himself when it develops in the womb.

…and that means that he is mute and that he has no mouth to ask any questions. That is, he shuts his mouth and doesn’t argue, he annuls himself, accepting everything. He has many questions and feels resentment, but he concedes and doesn’t argue.

And this is the time for one to walk with his eyes shut, above reason, to believe in the wisdom of the sages and advance to the end. It is impossible to explain this in other words since in the meantime a person doesn’t understand anything in spirituality. Therefore, it is said simply that he has to annul himself all the way and believe in the faith of the sages, which means to count on them all the way. No matter what I feel inside my heart and what doubts go through my head, I annul myself before the upper Providence.

This is called gestation, meaning that he has no mouth to speak. It is the state of Malchut, which is the smallest and most restricted, and is called Ibur, which comes from the words transgression and judgments (Dinim), as implied in the words “The Creator judged me for your sake (because of you).”

And the matter of transgression and judgment (Din) must be explained. Because for the reason that one must walk with his eyes shut, above reason, the body opposes it, and for that reason one must continuously overcome it, and this is called transgression, wrath and trouble, because it is such a difficult work to always walk in a state of annulment before the upper one, and let the upper one do whatever He wills with him. 

A person is ready to annul himself in any way possible. He cannot help the upper one like on the levels of suckling and greatness. But he is ready to totally annul himself before the upper one and to give Him his body and soul to be corrected. And this is called Ibur (gestation), which is the smallest possible restriction, the very first degree of spiritual existence. We shouldn’t despair, together we will reach it!
From Preparation to the Daily Morning Lesson 2/11/2014

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