The Most Practical Invention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I understand that it is necessary to be integrated into a group and to direct all of my thoughts there. But where is it possible to get the strength when I am thrown out of this state? What can be done so that I would have this force?

Answer: The best thing that they have invented in our times is an environment that can stimulate me somehow.

Other than this, it is possible to use an alarm clock or cell phone that will turn on automatically, awaken and get me running through music or songs. However, the main thing is the friends who will communicate with me from time to time and begin to be interested in what I am doing. I really don’t want to respond to them, but I am forced to keep the conversation going, and this gets me out of a bad state.

Only the environment saves us. In general, what exists in the universe? It is me or the world. This means that, if I don’t do it, then the world does.

So, when I feel emptiness, relaxation, a cloudy head, lack of inspiration and elevated spirit, I don’t hear or don’t remember what happened yesterday, it means that it is necessary to fill this with the greatness of the group and the Creator.

Where is it possible to get this greatness? It is precisely here that I can check as to how much I am connected with the group, how much I owe them something.

Suppose I have a fever. I don’t feel good and in the next room a child is crying. So, do I get up or not? I get up. Do I go to him? Yes. Do I do everything necessary? Yes. Do I gradually recover? Yes. What can I do? It’s my obligation.

Have I connected myself to a group in the same way with my obligations toward it? After all, don’t I have to get up, go to the kitchen and help the friends somehow? Do I get up in the morning to come to the lesson and sit there, even though I am really asleep? I am saying this absolutely seriously! I went through all of this myself.
Without this, nothing will succeed! Like they say, “The doctor says operate, so it is necessary to operate.”

It is the same thing regarding the group too. Are they pulling me toward them by the ear? Are they pulling me out of the swamp? They must do this if I have signed an agreement with them. Otherwise, what are we together for? It’s only for this. That is also what is written, “A prisoner doesn’t free himself from prison” (Berachot 5b). It’s only the group, the environment, the power of the environment.

I must be obligated to a group like I am to my baby whom I take care of even when I am feeling bad, and the group, in turn, must take care of me like they would care for a baby, even if I disappear from their field of vision, “Something happened to him; he seems to be quiet.” It is necessary to be concerned like that, like parents are concerned about their children.

If we don’t build relationships like these, nothing will result! We go through all of these situations only so that we will strengthen the connection between us.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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