Reason Above Desire

Laitman_633_2Question: Have I understood correctly that when disseminating to the 99% of the population, we are going from something positive to something positive, meaning from great happiness to even greater happiness?

Answer: It depends on how you accept everything.

In the Introduction to The Book of Zohar, it is said that only one state exists, and it is absolutely corrected. We are in it, but don’t perceive it with our senses. To truly feel wholeness, we must develop ourselves.

All of our work is to direct ourselves toward this wholeness. We cannot understand it because we are so broken, so damaged inside that we cannot perceive it. It seems terrible to us because this life for us is eating, sleeping, and spending some time, like in a movie, and we don’t think of anything else as living.

We just need to correct ourselves, our feelings, our senses, our understanding, and perception—only ourselves, nothing else. The intention is made in the center of the group. The more that the group grows and becomes stronger, the more rapid the intention becomes.

Question: When we sit in a circle, sometimes we go through very painful states.

Answer: In both the bad states and the good states, it is necessary to find out whether you are above them or within them. If you cannot answer this question, it is a sign that your feelings and intellect are at the same point. This is impossible. You need to be lifted above your feelings. This is reason above desire.

You have these two points that are far from each other, and you examine your feelings through the intellect. It could be that you don’t agree with the feelings, but you agree that they have a place, and you must go through them.

Suppose that I feel bad because my foot hurts. However, the doctor says, “Cut it off.” So, it must be cut off. I understand that he is doing something good for me. It will be beneficial for me. Therefore, all the bad states that you go through are only for your benefit.

Question: Do the people who belong to the 99% go through painful states in circles like these?

Answer: No, they don’t have duality and contradictions. They are within their emotions and don’t rise above this. Depending on their psychology, they are elevated slightly, but only to make the negative feeling disappear. But we don’t annihilate this negative feeling, Instead, we transform it into something positive.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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