Real Antimatter In An Anti-World

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (  “Matter and antimatter are completely mirror images of each other if we are to believe the statements of scientists who conducted studies that deepen the mystery of the inequality of matter and antimatter in the universe.

“All matter consists of protons, neutrons and electrons. These particles have analogs known as antiparticles, antiprotons, antineutrons and positrons which have the same mass but an opposite electrical charge (although neutrons and antineutrons have a neutral charge, each of them is made of quarks  which have partial electrical charge and the charge of these quarks is equal and opposite in neutrons and antineutrons).

“The known universe is composed of ordinary matter. The great mystery is why the universe isn’t made of equal parts of matter and antimatter, … And if antimatter and matter are mirror images of each other in all respects, no matter should be left at all since matter and antimatter eliminate each other when they collide.

“Theoretical physicists suspect that the unusual contrast between the amount of matter and antimatter in the universe, technically known as baryon asymmetry may be due to some differences between the properties of matter and antimatter, formally known as the CP-symmetry breaking, where C – is the charge, and P – parity. However, all the known effects that lead to the violation of CP-symmetry in, can not explain the predominance of matter over antimatter.”

My Comment: There is no attribute that is opposite from matter at the basis of antimatter, but rather an opposite desire, egoism versus altruism and attraction versus rejection. This is because these two phenomena stem from one desire to fulfill itself in the best possible way and to fill itself to become more stable, etc.

The real anti-world is found only in our anti-attributes. After al, our world is also felt only in our attributes, and if we don’t exist, neither does our world exist!  The antimatter studied by physicists is antimatter according to their definition and not real antimatter.

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