How Can We Transcend The Machsom (Barrier)?

laitman_281_02Question: I am a writer (I have been told that I am even widely read). I have created dozens of people who live in another world, which is often more real than the lives of many people in this world. When I write, I am everywhere but not inside my body.

I have made hundreds of thousands of people cry and laugh, not thinking about my fame and my profit when I do it. I don’t think about that when I write but only before and after.

It seemed that could resemble the Creator! But my literary work didn’t help me attain spirituality. I have not transcended the Machsom yet, and there is nothing I would like more.

Answer: My advice to you is the same advice I give everyone: start getting used to and perceiving the method. Don’t rush and try to skip over steps since you may miss something and cease to understand and to relate everything to one system. I suggest that you come and visit us in one of our conventions.

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