The Machsom Is A Psychological Barrier

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Machsom is a psychological point, until which I work only for my own pleasure, after it, for the pleasure of the Creator or neighbor, someone outside of me. This is what I have to achieve.

This boundary, this degree, is called the Machsom. This boundary between our world and spiritual world is simply psychological. If I take care of myself, even if at the same time I am aspiring to the Creator, to spirituality, but still acting for myself, this, my state, is currently below the Machsom and is called “Lo Lishma.” And if I achieve that I think only about the Creator‘s pleasure, so that all pleasure would be not for myself, then I, my desires and intentions, are already beyond the Machsom and this, my state, is called “Lishma.”

The Machsom is a psychological point that I have to cross, and then I will be in spirituality, in the intention to bestow. Afterwards, when I am beyond the Machsom, I have to raise more and more of my desires and intentions over the Machsom.

Or you can also put it this way: Along with the growing ego in me, along with all the growing pleasures, I raise the point of my Machsom higher; while, on the basis of the desire to feel pleasure, it is revealed as the evil inclination, step by step, I raise the point of Machsom up to Ein Sof until all my desires will really be for bestowal.

It is not important how you put it: to raise intentions over the Machsom or to raise the condition of the Machsom until Ein Sof; what matters is that I am working on correcting the intention to use the growing desires, not for myself, but for others/the Creator.

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