More Precious Than The Whole Universe

Laitman_707The Torah, “Exodus” 39:33: Now they brought the Mishkan to Moses, the tent and all its furnishings, its clasps, its planks, its bars, its pillars and its sockets.

Moses is the point in the heart, which manages the construction of the Tabernacle (correction of the desires). Everything was created around this point in the heart and was brought allegorically with the words: “And they brought the tabernacle unto Moses.”

The “point in the heart” that is implanted in us has its root in the Creator. Thanks to that, we begin to adapt all of our egoistic characteristics to it, which are called “gold,” “silver,” “jewelry,” and so forth, to create the vessel of bestowal around it.

The establishment of the Tabernacle (Mishkan) for the Creator was more precious than the creation of the universe. The universe was created simply by a word from the mouth of the Creator, whereas the Tabernacle was created as a result of the effort of the great Tzadikkim (righteous), Moses, Bezalel…and all of the children of Israel. And why is the Tabernacle comparable to heaven and earth?

But what is heaven and earth witnesses on Israel, as it is written: “I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day….” (Deuteronomy 30:19), whereas the Tabernacle testifies about Israel, as it is said: “These are the accounts of the tabernacle, even the tabernacle of the testimony….” (Exodus 38:21). So it is said: “Lord, I love the habitation of Thy house, and the place where Thy glory dwelleth” (Psalms 26:8), and so forth. (Midrash Rabbah, “Exodus,” “Pekudei”).

The Tabernacle was the creation of the man in a person, so his creation is more precious to the Creator than the entire universe.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/16/13

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Anti-Semitism And The Struggles Of Modern Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Radio Echo from Moscow): “One of Hollywood’s most famous producers, Harvey Weinstein, called to all of the Jews in the world to gather together to resist the anti-Semites. He said that faced by these terrorist groups like the Islamic State (ISIS) and Hamas, the time has come for the Jews to become as organized as the Mafia.

“To paraphrase him, ‘Good will defeat the evil, if the angels are organized like a Mafia.’ Until now, contrary to all the speculations of the proponents of conspiracy theories, the Jews have not only been unsuccessful in becoming consolidated like the Mafia, but not even like a symphony orchestra. No wonder they say that when there are two Jews, there are three opinions.

“Each one of the old Jewish organizations has its own policies, its own ‘fiddle’ and its own ‘party.’ Not even the blatant acts of anti-Semitism which are regularly happening in Europe today get a unified response. There may be a furious defense and severe imploring, but the attacks on the Jewish synagogues keep on becoming more frequent.

“This Hollywood producer says: I think that the struggle against anti-Semitism is a vital interest not only of our people, who lost millions of its sons and daughters in pogroms and the Holocaust, but it is the spearhead of the struggle of modern man with the barbaric ideologies of human hatred which threaten life itself on the face of the Earth. And so at least for the sake of this we need to be ‘organized like a Mafia.’”

My Comment: I think that his conclusion is correct. We must show an example of connection and unity, because we are the only ones who can do this correctly. Subconsciously,  the world is waiting for such an example from us, because all the suffering in the world is revealed only so we will unite and only then will all the suffering in the world cease. The The heads of countless Jewish organizations need to stop denying anti-Semitism, must stop being divided from each other, and come together in spite of their apparent differences. To the anti-Semites, we all look the same, and more precisely, we all have the same nose. As it is written: “Introduction to The Book of Zohar:”

67) When a person from Israel enhances and dignifies one’s internality, which is the Israel in that person, over the externality, which are the nations of the world in him, that is, when one dedicates the majority of one’s efforts to enhance and exalt one’s internality, to benefit one’s soul, and gives minor efforts, the mere necessity, to sustain the nations of the world in him, meaning the bodily needs, as it is written (Avot, 1), “Make your Torah permanent and your labor temporary,” by so doing, one makes the children of Israel soar upwards in the internality and externality of the world as well, and the nations of the world, which are the externality, to recognize and acknowledge the value of the children of Israel.

We see that redemption from the suffering of Israel and the entire world depends only on the unity of the people of Israel. All of the suffering of Israel and the world is only because of the absence of the requirement, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.”

70) Woe unto them that make the spirit of Messiah leave and depart from the world, and cannot return to the world. They are the ones that make the Torah dry, without any moisture of comprehension and reason. They confine themselves to the practical part of the Torah, and do not wish to try to understand the wisdom of Kabbalah, to know and to understand the secrets of the Torah and the flavors of Mitzva. Woe unto them, for with these actions they bring about the existence of poverty, ruin, and robbery, looting, killing, and destructions in the world.

71) In such a generation, all the destructors among the nations of the world raise their heads and wish primarily to destroy and to kill the children of Israel, as it is written (Yevamot 63), “No calamity comes to the world but for Israel.” This means, as it is written in the above corrections, that they cause poverty, ruin, robbery, killing, and destruction in the whole world.

But if we begin to unite and show an example to the whole world in this way, then all the nations of the world will recognize and acknowledge the merits of Israel. And they will fulfill the text: Isaiah 14:2: And the peoples shall take them, and bring them to their place. And as it is written: Isaiah 49:22: …and they shall bring thy sons in their bosom, and thy daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders.

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Being Ready To Handle Any Situation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can the Elyon (upper) give a Masach (screen) to the Tachton (lower)?

Answer: He can, but then the Tachton becomes his slave and enter sunder his full bondage, or will be by his side like a little child. Once during the Intifada, my teacher Rabash and I entered an Arab village. The local inhabitants looked at us as if they were about to draw out their knives and surround the car.

I was very frightened. “Well, that’s it, it’s over for us,” I thought. Real terror took hold of me. When we went through the village and came out onto the highway, I stopped the car in exhaustion, took out a cigarette and smoked. Rabash looked at me and said, “I wasn’t afraid.”

He really wasn’t frightened and was absolutely relaxed because he was ready to handle the situation. And this was not some kind of boldness, but control of the situation, when all of those who were standing next to the car with knives were in his hands. This is a very high level, a very serious Masach.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/19/14

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Looking For Someone To Bestow Upon

laitman_938_01Question: Why is it important to participate in dissemination and to be incorporated in the desires of the public? You say that if a person misses an opportunity he is given, he actually steals his own chance to advance.

Answer: One cannot be a serious student if he does not “continue” in the public. If he doesn’t, he has no spiritual vessel. I have to be connected to the upper, to the Creator, and also to the lower level in order to have someone who can receive from me and someone I can bestow upon. I am in the middle, the level of Bina, and below is my Malchut.

Looking For Someone To Bestow Upon
It is impossible to work without this lower level. The more massive it is compared to me, the more attractive it is and the more it obliges me—like little chicks with open mouths or children who are crying and demanding from mom—the better. I need to feel the pressure from them; I need them to come to me and demand.

First I come to them, but then they come to me and unbalance me. Then I have no choice but to raise their deficiencies to the Creator. They ask for food and peace in the family, and I ask the Creator for the Surrounding Light.

I need them because otherwise with what can I turn to the Creator? I mustn’t ask for myself because I am the level of Bina and cannot worry about myself. If I don’t receive deficiencies from the outside, I will have no opportunity to turn to the Creator.

Therefore, dissemination is important for a person’s well being. Otherwise, he will not raise MAN (a prayer) and will not receive anything from above. The level of Bina is absolutely neutral. It doesn’t want anything; it is absolute bestowal, Hafetz Hesed. Therefore we must go out to the public.

Our world is absolutely managed from Above, and we could easily pull it behind us even with the spiritual power we have now. But this heaviness is intentional so that we will ask the upper Light for the people. This is the reason that so much pain was sent to them and this is the reason that all the nations blame Israel for their problems.

We have to be incorporated in everyone’s desires and to ask the Creator for them and pass on His response to the people so that they will feel good. Then they will depend on us since we convey the upper Light to them, the filling, the force, the way. Unless we connect this whole chain in which we are the central part while the Creator is from Above and the created beings are from below, things will be bad for us and for the world.

This is the reason that dissemination is so important and without it there is nothing we can do and no way we can advance. I turn to all my students all over the world: You must understand this simple drawing!

Everyone must disseminate, as it says: “I have learned much from my teachers, more from my friends, and most of all from my students.” To learn means to receive a deficiency and to ask for a filling for it from Above. Everything is received only from Above.

When I go out to the public I feel that I must fill them since I have promised them. These are not promises of politicians before the elections that are usually forgotten the next day. Here you cannot forget your promises because you absorb their deficiencies inside you and have to process them into the demand for the Light.

You feel fear and awe because nothing can help them but the Surrounding Light. You cannot give them what they want by yourself. You have nothing, and this forces you to raise a prayer. It is impossible to connect to the Creator otherwise.

This is called from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator. The love of the created beings is aimed downward toward the people and the love of the Creator is aimed upward, and there cannot be one without the other. There is nothing you can turn to the Creator with other than the deficiency of others.

Dissemination is a gift from Above. We are suddenly given such an opportunity. When we go out to the public and explain to people that we have to be united, we receive from them the need to turn to the Creator even though their desires are totally corporeal.
From 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/14/14, Writings of Rabash

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Everything Is Closed In One Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the unity of friends that Rabash talks about?

Answer: Unity is when we clarify the teacher’s advice among us and examine it according to the sources in order to grow stronger and then to fulfill them together when we are equally connected. We try to make the connection between us into a mutual force field in which everyone is equally connected and focused in the right direction when everyone helps one another in mutual guarantee in order to reveal the attribute of bestowal among us, the force of bestowal that operates all of reality and is external to us.

We ascend from below wishing to establish this attribute by our desires, our vessels. We want this attribute to be dressed in us and to be revealed in the vessel according to the equivalence of form. All this happens between us. This is how we want to attain all the levels of our general soul, which we now build between us.

Then we will have to attach all of humanity to this unity so that our small circle would grow bigger from internality to externality. We will discover all the levels of the desire in it—0, 1, 2, 3, 4— and all the Lights—Nefesh, Ruach, Haya, Yechida—all the 125 levels that determine the intensity of the connection between us if we attach all the other shattered parts.

It is a very clear picture. Everything is closed in one small circle, in its central point.

Comment: The picture is clear, but I cannot fulfill this connection with the friends.

Answer: Of course you can’t because you have to add the Creator to the connection. He is the one who stands in your way and doesn’t let you connect. You are used to doing everything by yourself in our world. You depend on your mind and your feelings, on your energy and your power, but in spirituality you cannot do anything but discover a deficiency and aim it at the One who performs everything, at the operating force.

Don’t forget that! Have you ever thought of connecting to a group of egoists and attaining everything? This is called “the seat of the scornful,” and this is clearly no way of attaining anything.

You sit and cry that nothing works out, which means that you discover that you cannot do the work and that you need a partner. It is through the group and the teacher that you feel the need for a partner that has to help you. Then your prayer will solve the problem.

All you need to do is to reach the right request. This has to do be a prayer of many in which everyone connects to the same goal and understand that only the Creator can fulfill it; only the Light corrects the vessels, which means that only the Light connects them. If there is the right demand ( more or less), it is fulfilled.

The factor of time operates here as many pennies add up to a big account. In the mean time, we have to go through additional phases of scrutiny and clear up different concepts, and then it will happen.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.29.15

Shamati #57  “Will Bring Him as a Burned Offering to His Will”

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How To Achieve True Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanSingapore Experiment: The Right Dictatorship

Question: In March this year, Lee Kuan Yew, one of the founders of the “Singapore economic miracle,” died. On an empty spot on the edge of a swampy Malaysia, with nothing around but an English military base, within a short period of 50 years, the most prosperous nation in the world was established. But in this nation, there is not a speck of democracy in the sense that we understand it in the developed nations. How did this nation succeed in doing what large nations like America and England have done, while maintaining the strictest leadership and dictatorship of law?

Answer: I don’t perceive democracy in the same way as it exists everywhere, or that that deserves to be called a democracy. This is not the rule of the people, but its imitation: A handful of people take control over all the economic, political, social, and military resources; they say there is a democracy, and that they operate in the name of the people.

As long as we are under the influence of internal egoism without the altruistic force of nature to balance it, there cannot be a democracy. A democracy is built on contrast, a counterweight and a balance between two forces, which are positive and negative: our ego and the force of bestowal and love. There is a force of hatred and rejection and a power of attraction and connection, which must be balanced with each other. If the ego is balanced by a positive force, then it cannot be evil. And conversely, love and bestowal without the ego can lead to even worse extremism than the ego.

In other words, we were created in a system that is in a balance of plus and minus, between which what remains is only to ignite some kind of tension that gives the right orientation for all the work of the system. And if the positive force doesn’t exist or it is minimal and exists only in fear of annihilation, then we don’t have the conditions for a democracy. We “fall out” of the system in which the two forces are revealed. And therefore when we exist only in an egoistic system, what is most suitable for us is the correct dictatorship.

If a king rules a nation, then he takes care of his nation, his subjects, he doesn’t annihilate them, and they consider him to be great! He is the master! But in a democratic nation, there is no master. We let an election decide who operates the steering wheel for two, three, or four years, and then what? What do the elite care about what will be after that?! They will not be elected again, so they need to grab everything they can while they are in control.

So the dictatorship in Singapore is a wonderful system of government. Democracy in the form of a Sanhedrin.

Question: I have heard that the correct head of the state should be Kabbalists, who knowing the laws of nature,  will manage it in the interests of the entire society. What will be the basis of the moral drive of their behavior? Wouldn’t they be infected with greed; won’t they want to get rich after they attain control?

Answer: There is a concept such as the Sanhedrin (great assembly), where 120 Kabbalist sages gather, connect in a circle, and discuss all the issues on the agenda. The discussion is not based on differences of opinion, which is typical of our world, where it is believed that truth is born through debate. There is no truth in debate, because from the start it keeps us on a beastly level and we cannot rise above that. And we must rise above ourselves, because our stage can only lead to a higher level. We seem to rise to our next level, from which it is possible to see how to reach it.

This happens when people unite into a single, complete unit in spite of all the differences of opinion, and by annihilating their ego, they reach a common heart and mind together. This is a unique inner tension and practical work. From a state of unity, and only with this, they complement each other; they begin to come to a common opinion. But it is not connected to personal opinions; rather, is felt through a common unity. It is in this form that the system of governance for the nation and the people should be manifested.

How can strife and discord be avoided?

Question: Today many nations are trying to recreate this model to one degree or another. Take for example Turkey, in which the government has gradually become concentrated in the hands of one person, or Russia, that doesn’t even hide that it lives and thrives thanks to one person. There are also a multitude of other examples in less developed nations. Does it follow that the formation of governmental pyramids like this is the only way it is possible for humanity to go? So, where is it possible to take people like these who are satisfied with such a method of management?  And eventually in Singapore, which was not originally corrupt, all the key places became occupied by relatives of Lee Kuan Yew. Ultimately, some kind of caste was created.

Answer: Certainly this model cannot exist forever in an ideal state once bribery, power struggles, and the like begin. For some time it can hold its position on some ideal, but after that, everything deteriorates along the usual egoistic tracks.

Question: How would the Kabbalists avoid reaching this situation in the management of the nation?

Answer: The fact that they are united among themselves, the 120 greatest sages of the people would avoiding conflict and differences of opinion. Specifically in this situation, they would begin to discuss some issue and from their unity, they would receive an answer. After all, the unity between them is their next goal, which they must reach and include all people with them.

Question: Do discussions in circles, which your students organize, constitute a small version of this form of unity?

Answer: Yes. Discussions in the form of roundtables are organized all over the world, not just in Israel. We actively create a gathering, a discussion circle of men and women, who implement the unity by detaching and rising above themselves. Each one invests himself in the others and everyone yearns to be absolutely equal, with none greater or smaller in any way. We aspire to find a precise system of inner balance between us and pursue it so that all will be equal and integrated with each other, will lose himself in our unity, and from “I” will come to a state of “we.” Then, from the state of “we,” come to a state of “one,” as one person with one heart.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 4/1/15

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There Should Be No Lonely People

laitman_627_1Question: How is it possible that a person does not feel himself individually but perceives himself as an inseparable part of the whole?

Answer: He will not be able to think differently if he feels connected to everyone else, like a mother, depending on her children.

Could a mother think of herself as if she has no children? Whatever opportunities—a new job that she is offered—she immediately thinks about what would happen to her home in her absence.

Question: Will people no longer feel their loneliness, depression, or inner emptiness, which are now so common?

Answer: Depression will disappear immediately, as soon as we begin to awaken the positive force of nature, which will counterbalance the negative effect of our egoism.

Indeed, depression and emptiness are caused by the fact that we are at the mercy of a single, negative egoistic force with which we cannot make our lives better. We have reached a point after which we must bring a positive force to the world.

Question: Today, a person feels lonely even living in a golden palace, but will people be lonely in a corrected, perfect Israel?

Answer: There will be no lonely people because everyone will feel like a mother with many children. People will feel enveloped in love and warmth. This responsibility for everyone as for his children, will be his joy, not a burden.

Two forces will be inside the human being, and outside everything will be balanced. We do not understand what balance is. It is a touch of eternity, a sense of paradise. After all, everything comes into balance and harmony.

On the one hand, this state is composed of two opposing forces, and, on the other hand, these forces complement each other, and thus, it turns out that I am not affected by any force outside. My connection with others is so reciprocal that it is not hard for me to act for the common good, as do all the others.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/12/15

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The Third Temple For All Of Humanity

laitman_944Question: An independent state of Israel has existed for several decades. What does Israeli society lack in order to achieve security and full independence?

Answer: Universal education is needed to explain to the people of Israel that it is impossible to achieve any success until we learn to awaken the positive force of nature and, through it, to counterbalance the negative force of our egoism. We must show the world how to use these two forces and thereby constantly maintain our independence.

By doing this for ourselves, we also must think about how to teach this to the entire world. After all, humanity must accomplish the same thing, to be all together at the point of equilibrium between the two opposing forces, in other words, to build the third temple.

The third temple is not a building, but the concept of all of humanity achieving complete balance and harmony.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/12/15

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