Under The “Covering” Of The Teacher

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can one have a constant demand in relation to you, in relation to the teacher? As long as you are near, all concerns and anxieties somehow disappear.

Answer: I suppress them! When you are near me you are under me like a child under his mother’s skirt. You feel that everything is okay. The Light, the Creator, fills everything and everything is quiet, calm, peaceful and there cannot be anything bad. You are covered with a protective umbrella.

There is nothing to do. I am telling you this from what I experienced with Rabash. I had an awesome situation. I was by his side almost 24 hours per day, except for two or three hours of work. And that is how it was for many years. The sensation is created that you are under a covering, where you are like a baby in his mother’s arms. Do anything that comes to you, everything will be okay. You can completely forget about all your problems. There isn’t any radio or television and nothing is going on around you. It is as if you are floating in jelly.

Comment: But you are still not relaxed. The questions that have been bothering you for years don’t disappear.

Answer: They don’t disappear, but they seem completely different. You understand that they are solvable and necessary. They are for your own good as compulsory elements of the whole picture. So they aren’t frightening.

Question: How can one arrive at the right decisions without your covering?

Answer: Without my covering, you can arrive at the right decision. With the covering you can’t. You are always relying on my involvement, my part in your lives.

Question: But decisions are still being made according to personal interest, what is useful in that situation?

Answer: You can decide what you want. What difference does this make? Do you really think that your decisions somehow influence anything? The main thing is to arrive at an understanding that all of your decisions can only be made with adherence to the teacher. Then you can make them correctly. There is no other situation that will establish greater closeness to the Creator.

Question: How can one develop a permanent vital need for adherence with you?

Answer: To have a need for adherence with me, you must understand that I am your higher Partzuf. I am the same creature as you are, except with an even greater ego (because I am higher than you), but I have already corrected it somewhat. How much it is corrected is not important, as you will not discover this.

By taking into account that I am higher than you, you direct yourselves towards my being the next level above you. I might be two thousand levels higher, but what is important for you is that I am on a level higher than you. Being close to me means carrying out my recommendations.

Question: But what if one hears only one in a million of all your recommendations?

Answer: Try to carry out at least what you hear and discuss it with your friends: “He said this, what of this should we do, should we accept this for ourselves, or should it be for others?” and so forth. Try to approach the higher Partzuf like this. Approach happens according to equivalence of desires, intentions, and direction and nothing else.

We learn about the state of the Partzufim from the wisdom of Kabbalah: Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP enter one into the other and that is how they work. A teacher is simply the next Partzuf. He is a little bit higher than you, and this is enough.

Question: Should even vital questions like choosing an apartment still be decided in a group, in a workshop?

Answer: If you want, you can decide this question in a workshop too. It could be that you will find a better answer there. But we are talking about the spiritual path.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 2

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