When The “Point In The Heart” Is Discovered

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to determine that this person or another who is studying the integral method has discovered the “point in the heart”? According to which indicators? And why in this case must he be taken out of the integral group?

Answer: As long as a person is found in a regular state, like the entire group, then there are no problems. But the moment that you see that he is found in a descent, then it is necessary to take measures immediately.

You see that a person cannot understand what is happening, the whole world is dark for him, he feels depressed and doesn’t even know it: “Why is this happening with me?” It is very difficult to deal with this and overcome this the first time. It will be immediately understandable to you that with him spiritual development has begun.

In a case like this it is necessary to wait: It could be that everything will transform by itself and he will get out of this state. I don’t think he should immediately be taken out of the group. It depends on how he acts. If he is removed from what is happening, then this could influence the whole group. So it is possible to explain his condition to the rest of the group as a temporary, transitory illness, for he doesn’t understand himself what is happening with him.

After waiting awhile and analyzing his behavior, you can decide what to do with him. It is certainly possible and worthwhile to continue to keep him in this group, and it could be that profound changes like will take place in him that make it necessary to take him out of it.

As a start, you can give him material to read that fits well with our method, something very soft, for example, about free choice being found in connection with others, and the person will realize himself in this way.

Question: What should be done if, on the contrary, he enters into an active criticism and begins to pull the group apart?

Answer: You would need to suggest that the group analyze his state, to include him among them in an integral form and clarify the questions that he wants to ask.

The group will begin to discuss his questions itself without paying attention to him. It is not necessary to bother him. Let him listen and draw his conclusions.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/24/13

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