The Ideal Of Love And Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator, the ideal of love and bestowal, should constantly be depicted before us in a clear and accurate manner. We should realize that we can understand this ideal and reveal it to some extent.

This means that the Creator is something that we feel outside ourselves. There is no condition of attaining creation, and everything is felt in our attributes and our desires.

The uppermost attribute is the attribute of Keter, in which we feel the Creator; it is the attribute of love and bestowal as a result of the work of the nine lower Sefirot.

Thus we have to tune ourselves according to this tuning fork, according to the tenth upper Sefira and constantly adapt all the other Sefirot to it.

This isn’t easy, since the right intention is attained in the group during the study by drawing the Upper Light from the point of Keter, and by using all the other attributes. Everything we do in this world when establishing the mutual connection between us is necessary in order to constantly check ourselves through this connection.

The uppermost part of Keter has to be detached from us. We have to purify it more and more each time, to raise it and separate it from us. It has to become more and more transparent in our feelings.

Then there are eight Sefirot: Hochma, Bina, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, our desires that can be corrected, and Malchut, which cannot be corrected.

The uppermost Sefira – Keter, the lowest Sefira -Malchut, and everything that we can imagine between Malchut and Keter is between them as eight Sefirot. It is with regard to this system that we work.

At every stage in his development, a person has to think only about how he can raise Keter by revealing Malchut more and more and trying to see it like Keter in the previous eight attributes.

Keter shines downward, and at the end of correction, it spreads in a way that it gradually merges with Malchut with the help of the work in the eight Sefirot between them for 6,000 years or 125 levels. The eight Sefirot between Keter and Malchut is the network of our mutual connections.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/26/14

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