Calling On The Force Of The Messiah

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabbi Judah, Treatise Yoma 10a: The son of David will not come until the wicked kingdom of Rome will have spread [its sway] over the whole world for nine months. The wicked kingdom of Rome is the force that dominates a person’s heart and mind, rejecting everything that Kabbalah says about the purpose of humanity. It throws the person to the level of our world in material concerns and goals, and he becomes immersed in the cult of the body and polytheism.

This is what happened in Rome and Greece, as they were mutually completing each other: Greece in philosophy and science, and Rome in physical strength and struggle for earthly power. Therefore, Rome and Greece, in this sense, are the opposite of Jerusalem.

The kingdom of evil actions is those countries ruled by evil, but not explicitly. Is it possible to call the United States, for example, the kingdom of evil, since it seems to be a free country?

However, at the same time, such a state seems to prevail in the personal, public, and Hollywood settings of the whole society that aim at making a person an absolute robot, brainwashed to the extent that he thinks about nothing and operates according to the canons prescribed by this environment.

We see this not only in the United States, but also in many other countries that are operating on the same principle. Just in the United States, it is seen much more clearly and vividly.

“To spread over the whole world for nine months” means to reach final maturation and birth. When it really is ready to fully grow in our world and conquer it, the force of Messiah will be manifested on the border between intrauterine and extrauterine development. It is then that it can be manifested from the opposite condition.

However, from what is happening in the world, we can conclude that we are not in this state and that we still must work hard to achieve it. In any case, we will come to it by striving forward, either in a bad way or in a good one.

We want to make our way so that humanity will avoid catastrophes, wars, disasters and crises, so that all these troubles would be solved within us in the struggle against our nature and called to the force that pulls us out of it, which is called the Messiah, the deliverer.

Therefore, we must strive only for good, and in contrast, even if we feel evil, it is not going to be real because it will be manifested only in relation to the good that we reveal. In other words, even a little bit of evil will be enough for us to realize that it cannot be worse because everything is determined in comparison.

Let’s fill the whole world with the Light, and we will then see within it, little dots of egoism (darkness). This will be sufficient for us to want to get rid of them and to appeal to the Messiah, to the force that will free us from the ego.
From KabTV’s “Will the Messiah come?” 11/14/14

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