The Tree Of The Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery creature must contain the five degrees of its development in it otherwise the actual creature, Malchut, the fifth degree, will not be there.

The Light that operates in every point of creation must go through five degrees (from above downward), and only on the fifth degree does it build the creature that feels Him.

The fifth degree, the creature, perceives the Light that influences it from Sefira Keter, the Creator, bestowal.

Now it begins to develop (horizontally) and build its own degree and also goes through five degrees.

We are not able to distinguish anything until we go through the entire five states because it needs to reach our sensation and comprehension (the heart and the mind).

Possibly, I am already feeling it, but I do not yet comprehend it; that is, the phenomenon needs to reach me from above downward and I need to comprehend it in the opposite direction, from below upward: what this is, where it is coming from, and why.

I do not notice the actual phenomenon when I do not understand it; this is how we are made; we need the complete ten Sefirot of comprehension.

Then, I build a new Partzuf from a certain degree, Bina, for example, and this Partzuf also has five parts (I am building Partzuf Bina, which comes out of Hochma and Keter), and then another Partzuf of five parts from this one, and in this way the “tree” grows, an enormous system, where all the parts are connected.

And it develops in all directions, all sections, every time from the state that becomes Keter into the following chain of five states, which develop from it.

Every part is constructed from the above so the creature would want to attain its Creator and become like Him, by moving back towards Him.

And this way the creature builds the same parts that the Creator has already created, taking the example from Him, multiplying states and the spiritual Partzufim.

All of them can be numbered like in a catalog, but in Kabbalah they are given names in order to follow the correspondence between them.
From the lesson 10/19/10, “Beit Shaar Ha Kavanot” 

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