There Are No Words In Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf you open a Kabbalistic prayer book, you will see individual letters instead of complete words; they express sensations, inner actions, screens, the repulsion and attraction of Light. There are no words in spirituality.

We usually use the words of this world and relate them to spirituality; it is common. But we can do without words. A person who attained spirituality doesn’t operate with words.

Baal HaSulam prayed to descend from his level to a state where he could find adequate words, by dressing those attainments into “material” words so that they could be understood, to convey to those below him what he attained

In spirituality, there are only sensations. I don’t have to dress them into words, since I have Reshimot and tastes (Ta’amim). I don’t have to explain them to myself unless I am willing to share my impression with others. But sharing is always limited. Not a single word can include the whole meaning that it actually embraces.

Therefore, a prayer is the work in the heart, a cry from the depths of the heart, without any language or a prayer book. Prayer books were written for us by Kabbalists (members of the Great Assembly) before the exile when we all fell from the spiritual level. If you fall from the awareness of the spiritual worlds into this world, you have nothing to say about spirituality. And so they wrote prayers for us so that we could at least talk about spirituality in the form of prayers. Nonetheless, the connection with spirituality still remains, and when during the exile numerous people pronounce the words that are written in the prayer book they cause a certain “agitation” in the Surrounding Light that in turn protects the nation. But they work only at the time of exile and not for long. It is not a real prayer.

Currently we are arriving at the state when we have to start working on the point in the heart that draws us back into Bina.
From the lesson 10/18/10, The Zohar

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