Being Ready To Handle Any Situation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can the Elyon (upper) give a Masach (screen) to the Tachton (lower)?

Answer: He can, but then the Tachton becomes his slave and enter sunder his full bondage, or will be by his side like a little child. Once during the Intifada, my teacher Rabash and I entered an Arab village. The local inhabitants looked at us as if they were about to draw out their knives and surround the car.

I was very frightened. “Well, that’s it, it’s over for us,” I thought. Real terror took hold of me. When we went through the village and came out onto the highway, I stopped the car in exhaustion, took out a cigarette and smoked. Rabash looked at me and said, “I wasn’t afraid.”

He really wasn’t frightened and was absolutely relaxed because he was ready to handle the situation. And this was not some kind of boldness, but control of the situation, when all of those who were standing next to the car with knives were in his hands. This is a very high level, a very serious Masach.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/19/14

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  1. Amazing story. I love when you share of your experiences such as this. I love to read of your time with Rabash.Thanks for the added strenght which came out through this experience.

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