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Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we disseminate the integral system, we need to explain to people that the problems everyone has are solved by one method only, by one movement through connection and unity.

When we have people sit at a roundtable, after just one lesson with us they will feel that what we offer has a strong practical basis.

We can try to explain the basis and the theory and we can just leave it since it is irrelevant. A new inner force is revealed in a group that focuses itself correctly, and it nourishes and heals us of all the problems, whether personal problems, problems in the group, social, political or ecological problems. This force guides people in the connection between them and helps them solve all their problems.

We have to show them all that in a practical manner. People today don’t listen, don’t read, and don’t see anything except for what answers their small egoistic intention. Their indifference, however, is only external. We can dig a little into every person and discover what disturbs him: “What do you lack in order to feel completely happy? I am ready to give it to you.” This is the descent to the people and the fulfillment of the laws of connection and unity.

A person suffers, he cannot make ends meet, and he doesn’t feel secure personally or politically; he is ill, there are disputes in his family, and problems in his relations with his kids, which means that he has problems in all his connections.

He can, of course stay away from any discussion on the topic and not engage in it at all, since he feels that it doesn’t matter anymore, but his indifference is only external. The authorities want to suppress all that by making mild drugs legal, but it won’t work. A person will still not be able to escape his problems.

Therefore, we have to offer a person, without coercion, and without delving into his problems: “Do you want to solve your problems? All you need to do is to visit our workshop just once, sit in a circle, and have a cup of coffee or tea with us,” and so on. The main thing is to make him feel that there is a power in our method that can help him solve and correct whatever he wants to.

Later he will join us by himself and will stay with us, since we are dealing with dissemination to the masses, and there will be mutual bestowal that will grow like a snowball; our method will become a social movement.

Today there is no movement in society but we do have a big group that is beginning to stand out by influencing different parts of society, which thus integrate and affect one another. People will soon start thinking about unity even if no one speaks about it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/26/14

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