Do Not Lose Your Connection To Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen reading The Zohar, we primarily need to think about the intention, as if I am planning on traveling and the main most important thing is for me to arrive at the correct destination.

But at the same time I need to do many things along the way. For example, if I need to go to another city, I get in the car, lock the doors, turn the ignition on, buckle up, and drive along many streets, sometimes even in the wrong direction, until I reach the main road. Why can’t I just go straight?

But the fact is that I consist of many systems, different desires, and I need to be connected with many conditions, parts of the common system of Adam (man), which operate in two directions: reception and bestowal. The different combinations of reception and bestowal are so complex and complicated that sometimes it is completely impossible to understand how a certain event or condition can relate to the goal; for example, horrible events like World War II and other catastrophes that cannot be justified. But every action brings us closer; we just do not see how it brings us closer. For this reason, intentions, actions, thoughts, and desires can become their absolute opposite, changing 180 degrees. But, at the same time, we must keep the goal.

Imagine what would happen if you forgot where you were going in the middle of the trip! Such illnesses occur in old age. This is not just a weak memory where you get in the car and don’t remember where you are going; it is a detachment from reality that occurs all the time. Such person can no longer take care of himself; he needs to be taken care of, like a child.

We have the same illness with respect to spirituality since we lose our intention! Every moment we lose the connection with life and forget: why we live, what we have done and are still doing, and for what purpose. This is an actual illness, and we need to fight it in every possible way otherwise we are not alive! When I lose the intention, I do not live a spiritual life! I live like an animal instead of a human!

Now tell me, how many moments in your life have you spent living like a human? How much effort have you put into being human? Are you at least trying to attain it? The number of these moments equals the number of times you have let the upper Light influence you. And you still want to attain some kind of result this way? You did not even give the Light a chance to work on you, maybe just ten minutes in ten years!

And now you count time by the calendar and complain that it has been ten years, how much longer? After all, it is written that this takes from three to five years! But what were you doing all this time?

You count time according to the clock turning, but did you spin with it around one intention? You did not? Then what are you demanding?

In other words, we all have Alzheimer’s, an absolute loss of memory, and we do not even suspect it. And how can we keep a pure intention this way? This is why there is mutual guarantee! Other people come to those who have lost their memory and help them! There is no other solution. So let us agree to keep the intention.
From a lesson The Zohar 11/25/2010

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