The Repeatability Of An Experience Is The Criterion Of Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we have freedom in selecting our faith?

Answer: We only have one freedom of choice, and it does not apply to faith.

It is clear that we do not choose anything that our nature finds repugnant, we choose things that suit it; from this follows that there is no freedom of will in this.

Instead of choosing faith, we need to attain revelation, to reveal the truth instead of choosing what we like most from abstract theories!

If other people in this world have other facts, then my knowledge is no longer a fact. How do Kabbalists who attain the spiritual revelation know that they have revealed things that are authentic and correct? They know this because all of them reveal the same phenomena in their experience.

Every person, who attains a certain degree or correction of a certain force, reveals the same phenomena. He receives the same inner fulfillment, called the soul, like all the others who have attained the same state.

The path, the attainment, and the understanding are the same for all; every person comes to the same result. This is why Kabbalists refer to this as facts, like facts of our world.

In our world I do an experiment, get results, publish the explanation of the results in scientific paper, and invite all to verify the truth. And when my results are checked, confirming they are true, it becomes an accepted fact.

There is no absolute knowledge that does not require proof; everything is according to my actual sensations through which I attain the facts.

Certainly, this knowledge is relative; it is attained according to my physical properties. But everyone attains the same facts and this is why they are called a scientific law. This is how we derived all the physical laws.

All of them have been determined in the conditions that surround us on this planet. But if we were thrown on some other planet, there might be completely different laws; who knows?

I verify the laws in relation to another human like me living on this planet.

According to Einstein’s theory, if you travel at the speed of light, other laws will take effect: distance will compress, time will accelerate, geometry will distort with the straight becoming curved and curves straightening out.

Therefore, we establish that we are studying a physical science that can be applied to any person. And we have the same approach in spirituality. This refers to the authenticity of Kabbalah as a science: when we reach certain conclusions, and we know that they are applicable to us.

Rabash writes that if an angel and I were to look at a table at the same time, we would see different things. This is why all conclusions are in relation to the person attaining them.
From the lesson “Body and Soul” 11/28/2010

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