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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I do not understand what desire is, is it a vessel for the Light?

Answer: Only forces surround us in the world. If I want to lift a ton of metal, over the force of gravity of this ton mass, I need to add a little over a ton of effort.

It turns out that there are two forces: the force of gravity, the force of the material, through which it exists, and the force with which I influence it.

Even ordinary physics acknowledges that the particles of matter do not exist; there are only forces, some waves. The desire to receive pleasure, the material of creation, is also a force.

This is the way we discover and perceive it because we only feel forces. Why do I perceive an object: its color, volume, weight, and temperature? This is how I perceive forces that influence my sensors, and I visualize an image according to my sensations.

And Kabbalah says that all the billions of forces that fill the universe in their essence are just two forces: the force of reception and the force of bestowal, one against the other.

And I am the third, I am in the middle between them, and I need to build myself from these two forces, like the Creator. These two forces come from the Creator: material and intention, and I need to use them to create a likeness to Him.

We are surrounded only by forces that influence us and create the picture of the world for us. Right now I live in a film, which is projected within me on my material.

And this picture appears from the combination of forces the same way electromagnetic forces form images on a computer screen.

Only I have a better picture: three-dimensional, live, tangible. People say that soon laser films will exist; there is no problem creating this when everything is just forces.

But we are so used to our film that we take it for reality. As soon as we begin to separate ourselves from it even just a little, everything takes a different turn.

And the main thing is that you begin to see that you can change this film! If you want to watch a different movie—go ahead! These forces are in your hands.

This is what we learn in Kabbalah.
From the lesson “Beit Shaar HaKavanot” 11/28/2010

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