Advice -> A Wonderful Means -> A New Calculation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe listen to the advice of the Kabbalists about the proper way of organizing ourselves in different situations and states in order to receive the maximum influence of the Light that Reforms.

This is why we carry out different artificial, material, egoistic actions according to the principle of “We shall do, and we shall hear!” And this advice works.

But Kabbalists cannot obligate us to perform acts of bestowal. As we work with our egoistic material according to their advice, we want to attract the unfamiliar force of the Surrounding Light so that it will influence us and transfer us into a new state.

And at that moment when I begin to change, I begin to act in a different manner, with a new mind and a new heart. We work according to this chain: advice -> a wonderful means -> a new calculation.

This is why, when working with students (both children and adults), one needs to search for activities that will attract the maximum Surrounding Light, and this will have the best outcome. And, if it does not work, then there is nothing that can be done. All we can do is ask for correction, raise MAN (prayer): I want an inner change!

Everything that comes from above is a consequence of the influence of the Upper Light, which we cannot touch. It pertains to the “secrets of the upper governance.”

We attract the Surrounding Light by studying the primary sources. And if adults read the texts of Baal HaSulam, it is enough for the children to have a discussion about these articles; for example, a discussion on “Body and Soul,” “Perception of Reality,” or “Freedom of Will,” discussing their connection with some physical or chemical laws in our world. Make it entertaining, in the form of a game. By doing this, we will attract the same Light.

We need to explain the mechanics of changing a human being to children. They perceive it as facts and begin to use it. Gradually all of this will become stored in them.

Working with children differs from working with adults. It is written that teaching a child is like writing on a clean slate. A child’s matter understands everything naturally so they accept everything they hear from adults as the truth.

This reflects the between the root and the branch. When we perceive someone older than us, we perceive all of his words as obvious facts. And we need to use this property that children have in order to fill them correctly instead of that with which our egoistic world stuffs them.

From the lesson “Body and Soul” 11/29/10

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