Learning To Overcome Pride

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we work with the pride that was revealed after the convention?

Answer: After the convention there was indeed a revelation of pride especially in Europe. Every part of the world has its typical problems and weaknesses and Europe and Russia are different in that sense.

What is pride? In regard to whom and to what? A person has to clarify this by himself:

  • I feel pride because I understand and know everything, for having attained something and now I am great and have everything. This will pass and disappear by itself in a couple of days.
  • I feel pride because I am several levels above everyone else, and they are unhappy, struggling with their small crises, while I am above them, I understand everything and don’t really care about anything as I look upon them from above. This is wrong.

If we speak about connection and about the fact that we have to correct the shattering between us, then eventually we have to worry about everyone as about our own children. I don’t think that you would relate to people like that if you felt that they were your children, but this is exactly how we should relate to them.

Actually, I see no reason why you should be proud. What is so special about you? What have you attained by yourselves? Nothing.

You were in a group, you were brought, pushed, and different actions were performed on you. You participated passively without understanding the essence of why and where this should lead to. You didn’t even aim at the current state and didn’t know what it is like. This means that your actions were not focused and so it turns out that you were lucky. So what are you proud of?

I can tell you from my own experience that the higher a person ascends, the more he advances, and the closer he is to the Creator, the more humble and low he feels. It is because he sees the action of the infinite Light that arranges everything at any given moment that builds and revives everything.

Keep on working and the feeling of pride will pass. The main thing is that it shouldn’t divert you from your spiritual path. If there are any diversions and you behave like obstinate children, I am used to it. Therefore, nothing can be done but to gradually get over it. We will learn how.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, “Faith Above Reason”

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 07.30.13

Shamati #148The Scrutiny of Bitter and Sweet, True and False

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The Crisis Will Bring Us Back To Marx’s Theory

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur state depends on how we evaluate it, according to what values. A person receives a scale of values from the environment. We started to develop due to the environment when we climbed down from the trees. All of human development occurs because society promotes that it’s necessary to be big, strong, and prosperous. Thus the progress of humanity began.

The development is only possible thanks to the community. If society had not instilled new values in us, in excess of what is required by the body for simple existence, we would have remained as animals. We are no different from them except for the element of competition, which we are engaged in amongst ourselves, a development due to the environment.

The environment is evolving and we are developing together with it. This development is not characteristic of animals, only of humans. A special kind of animal that can grow due to the environment is called a human being in this world. And the kind of human being who is able to develop by means of purposefully developing his environment is called a Kabbalist. These are two stages that rise above the animal level: an ordinary person and a Kabbalist.

Kabbalists specially develop their environment to evolve due to it, as if they pull themselves up by the hair. Average people do not do that. Society develops and pulls them in different directions in the same plane of this world, but not towards qualitatively new values.

Thus, humanity evolves naturally until it comes to a crisis. The development based on competition leads to the situation when a part of humanity is insanely enriched and the other completely impoverished. The situation becomes critical because no middle layer is left. We have already passed the stage when society had hoped to achieve universal prosperity, the realization of the American dream that promised everyone abundance for his work.

But this is impossible; human egoism will not let the rich sacrifice even a bit. It will force them to keep 100% of their wealth. The most they will tear from themselves for the poor is 0.1% only so the poor can somehow survive and serve the rich, but not more.

So, we return to Marx’s theory because our ego separates us to the antagonistic poles between which war is inevitable. The attempt to build a developed post-industrial welfare society has failed because in this case someone has to sacrifice his profit; the rich should share with the poor. And why should they suddenly agree to that if it’s possible to squeeze out of the poor everything and leave only a minimum so they will not starve to death?

Our egoism deprives us of reason; you look at the world and are amazed by what happens in it: The rich are killing themselves by their actions, risking their own lives. But they cannot stop. The ego is growing and forcing them to act in this manner.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/18/13, Writings of Rabash

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Equipped With The Force Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does the ego continue to grow after the ascent to the upper level?

Answer: Of course! The difference is that now we have an ego on the corporeal level, and in the transition to the first spiritual level, we acquire a spiritual ego. As it says: “He who is greater than his friend, his ego is also greater.”

Equipped With The Force Of The Light
How can a person ascend otherwise? We don’t have a spiritual ego now. We are carried by our simple, small, corporeal animal ego. It’s actually nonsense. If the Creator wants to give us the world of Ein Sof (Infinity), we should have a huge infinite ego.

Very serious desires are waiting ahead, such that will simply tear us to pieces. But they will be revealed in us if we can control them in “faith above reason.” This is why the ascent along the spiritual path is through the Light and it’s a smooth ascent. We advance only if we do everything properly, and if we don’t, we remain on the same level or fall. We can only move forward when we are equipped in advance and have ensured that we have the Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, “Faith Above Reason”

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An Operation In “Faith Above Reason”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the wisdom of Kabbalah is a science, how can we tie it to “faith above reason?” After all, faith seems to negate science.

Answer: We are on a corporeal level together with the sciences, the arts, and so forth, and in them we can develop.

However, how do we develop? It is only within the ego. The ego develops, and we develop with it, but as of today, the ego actually has ended its development.

Which sciences and arts are we talking about? We see that today everything seems to be stuck, delayed, and coming to a dead end, to a crisis. It has been going on for several decades now. Perhaps people simply don’t understand, but scientists do.

The ego reached its peak and has stopped developing after 6,000 years, having started from a zero point until today. We have been through a process of evolution during this time and have risen to a certain level in the fields of arts and sciences in which the ego has already exhausted itself.

We actually feel that we don’t want anything anymore. Today, we don’t pay attention to anything, and even space research and other sciences don’t interest us anymore.

So, how do we move on to the next stage now? The next stage is a totally different level, and we also must grow in it since there, too, may be a new unknown ego or certain desires.

This transition must be very special. We don’t even understand what it is. It is a transition to a new dimension.

An Operation In "Faith Above Reason"
It is totally different in its attributes, there are totally different forces and different connections. It is like our world, but in a totally different way. The still, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels of nature are connected according to different laws, the laws of a new dimension, the laws of what we call the spiritual world.

The new dimension is called the spiritual world since faith above reason dominates it, which means bestowal above receiving. The goal of corporeal existence is receiving. In the spiritual world, however, the goal is bestowal.

So, how can we move to an opposite perception in which the Keter of the lower becomes the Malchut of the upper? How can we move from the egoistic ten Sefirot to the altruistic ten Sefirot? It is only if we perform an operation on ourselves in faith above reason.

“Reason” refers to what I had on the corporeal level, and “faith” is what guides me on the spiritual level. Thus, I raise myself.

This is why it says in all the sources that the most important thing for us is faith above reason.

What is the practical meaning of faith above reason? It means that our previous reason gradually cools down. We are given help here since we cannot advance by our previous reason and immediately begin to rise above it. This is why there is a certain descent after the convention, the addition of ego.

In spite of and together with this, we must ascend and advance more powerfully toward the connection between us. This is why we must study, try to connect, disseminate, and do everything to achieve a stronger connection between us.

We should feel opposite inclinations since we must do everything in order to delve more deeply into it. Our global group must connect more strongly. This is why we should study, disseminate and do everything that needs to be done. It is all only in order to connect internally to the same feeling we had in the convention, but on the next level, on a higher level.

What do we lack in order to reach this? We lack the actual actions.

There is Isra-el, which means “Yashar Kel,” (straight to the Creator). This means that Israel is every friend who yearns for spiritual attainment. There is another part called “Torah,” which stems from the Aramaic word “OraitaOhr – light.” The concept of Torah includes the group, the connections, mutual guarantee, and so on, everyone’s adhesion to it, our goal. This is the exact path by which we must advance.

An Operation In "Faith Above Reason"
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, “Faith Above Reason”

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Questions After The Convention, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are your plans for the future regarding virtual groups? Do you see their prospects for advancing in the future on the level of the physical groups?

Answer: Unity is beyond borders: virtual and, in the meantime, physical borders.

Question: How can women unite better? With friends with similar properties or vice versa?

Answer: It makes no difference because we rise above our characteristics.

Question: How is it necessary to behave with those who are listed as friends in a group but don’t take part in the life of the group at all?

Answer: Wait patiently until they change.

Question: Is it possible and in what way, to be in two groups  simultaneously, physical and virtual?

Answer: You can be in multiple groups because they merge.

Question: Is it difficult for you to be a Rav?

Answer: I am not a Rav, rather a teacher, a guide, a coach.

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To Breathe Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How effective are spiritual processes in small groups of two or three people?

Answer: This is the problem with our virtual friends, with our individual friends and others. We have so many students who are scattered in various corners of their countries in:  Australia,  New Zealand, China, several European nations, South America, and so forth. Therefore, these congresses still form and connect us and give us the opportunity to focus together.

But the lack of a physical group remains a problem. I cannot imagine the solution. I know only one thing, when I asked Rabash for permission to move closer to him, he first turned me down and he was right; it’s necessary to check if your desire is real. And only two years later did he allow me to move.

Therefore if a student seriously studies with us for a long time, he needs to think about how to move to a place where there is a group or where it is possible to organize one. I don’t see any other way out.

As much as possible I think about this all the time and hope that with the help of a virtual system it will be possible to connect people and give them a feeling of unity, but in the meantime, a computer screen separates them. The person protects himself from others through the screen.

So what is the problem? Making people connect with others. We are found in a state that “connecting with others” means to sit together, to breathe together, to learn together, to hate the friends, to love them, and so forth.

And the Upper Light gives us all kinds of problems here, intentionally “causing friction” between us, rubbing us together, to remove the membrane from the heart. The hearts rub together in order to undress them. How is it possible to do this when you are found in a virtual connection? I can’t describe this to myself. Personally I would be happy to be with everyone in a virtual connection: I “type” some information in an email and that’s it, you are already “in love” with the friends.

Where can you really feel hostility to the point of hatred as those friends in The Zohar felt?! You can immediately unplug the computer or protect yourself with some kind of emoticon (smiley) and that’s it! How could it be otherwise?

I feel this with us in our country. There are groups that maintain a gentlemanly distance. There are those who are closer, participate more, want to integrate with us more, and want to build our center together. When there are opportunities for work, then the participation of each is tested. The idea is not just participation, rather it’s working together. This is what is essential. Therefore you must understand that it’s necessary to gather and organize in groups, and to organize large groups with departments, with an institute for distribution, with children’s groups. In general, all this is imperative.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 3

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“The Declining Demand For Husbands”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The New York Times): “Once upon a time women seemed more eager than men to marry. Today such generalizations no longer apply.

“Is it women’s preferences (the demand for husbands) or men’s preferences (the supply of husbands) that are driving the trend toward less marriage? It’s hard to tell, but some gender asymmetries are apparent. For instance, a recent poll of unmarried blacks of prime marrying age found that only 25 percent of women were seeking a long-term relationship compared with 43 percent of men. …

“As a contractual commitment, marriage has a price. It offers both costs and benefits to potential partners. The contract involves commitments for financial support and family care on terms that can be completely egalitarian. …

“Women are willing to pay a higher price for marriage than men if they have few alternatives, as when their opportunities for economic independence are restricted. An increase in the supply of women who want to marry drives the price of marriage down for men.

“If the supply of women who want to marry decreases, the terms of marriage move in favor of women. They are likely to receive a larger share of joint income and leisure time. Husbands become more likely to relinquish some decision-making power and do more housework and child care.

“Marriage market dynamics mean that a bride’s bargaining power is partly determined by the number of other choices her groom has (and vice versa). The changing terms of marriage complicate the effects of women’s improved economic position. On the one hand, men should like the prospect of sharing income with a high-earning woman. On the other hand, they may find it difficult to adjust to a new social role. …

“These economists also contend that couples in which the wife earns more than the husband are less satisfied with their marriage and are more likely to divorce. …

“The demand for long-term commitments seems to be steadily declining among both women and men. Philip Cohen persuasively asserts that we should stop bemoaning this change and adapt to a world in which fewer adults marry.”

My Comment: The family is the foundation of civilization and it will exist as long civilization exists. In the past, Bolsheviks dreamed of free sex and raising children in boarding schools, but nature always returns everything to its place. The main thing is to constantly try to strive for harmony with nature by studying it.

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The Way To Spiritual Attainment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As a general rule, rejection is not with respect to the group but a friend. What is the working program in this case?

Answer: I don’t think that this is so. A person must see that he has an aversion to working with the group, to connecting with the friends, to dissolving into them. And if there is any kind of special prejudice against someone, it may gradually pass. Therefore there is no need to focus attention on this. It is not worthwhile.

First of all, what should interest me is how to “get into them,” to adhere to them. The main thing is that I shouldn’t manage myself, rather they manage me. This is what is called dissolving into them. This is to say I don’t have my own thoughts and desires. This is what is with them. And this is everything.

The moment that you make such movements, the Surrounding Light immediately acts and influences you. Experiences like these bring this, the Light cleanses you all the time and adds all kinds of contradictions to you, but you try to do it again. And after you pass through a necessary amount of attempts of this kind, attainment eventually arrives. And the group might not even know anything about it and may remain at the same level in which it was before, as in the example of Rabbi Yossi Ben Kisma.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 3

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