An Era Of Conscious Actions

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have been through an interesting phase of the general human evolution.

After humanity has evolved for hundreds of thousands of years, it has reached the end of its development. In our time, we feel it as a general crisis that is not just an individual transition in technological, political, social, and economic aspects of our life, but something that is totally new!

Therefore, we have no idea what this new world is, this new regime, this new state. It is impossible to see them in our ego because they have to be revealed in a totally different attribute, in the attribute of bestowal. For the first time in history we will go through such a change, such a transition phase, and we have to pass through it.

By evolving for ages, humanity has reached its full egoistic ripening, and if the fruit is not eaten on time it begins to rot. We have reached this phase, which according to the wisdom of Kabbalah is called the “recognition of evil.”

Negative states will force us to correct ourselves, either by suffering or consciously.

Until today humanity has evolved automatically, instinctively, as the ego pushed us from the inside and people were not free to do anything by themselves. People acted unconsciously by the force of desires and their formations that were revealed under the pressure of external forces, but this is over now.

The correction must be conscious. This means that first there is the recognition of the actions and the actions against one, since otherwise it will be automatic, egoistic actions again without any participation on our part. It is because the rest of our evolution is built only above the ego and in contrast to it. Here we have to develop a second component which is above the egoistic, an altruistic one, and to advance together.

We have come along a certain way in our egoistic development and now this phase is over. Starting from the 21st century, the egoistic and the altruistic evolutions should be parallel.

The upper component (see the drawing) are our efforts and the lower component is the way by which the Creator pushes us forward by summoning uncompromising actions in us, disregarding our responses. Thus we advance.

An Era Of Conscious Actions
Later, nature, the Creator, will push us forward, but it will already be by considering our efforts.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/9/12, Lesson 5

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  1. It is always so inspiring to read what you write Rabbi Laitman. Thank you. It is so important that everybody respect everybody else regardless of position, education or social status. We are only children standing before the Creator. Nobody knows or understand or can claim superiority when we realize our true status in comparison with our Creator. HeandShe(One) is the only real Teacher at the end of the day. The rest of us are both students and servant teachers.

    Have a super duper day everybody!

  2. I’ll dare to write here bellow some thoughts of how I understood this article, please correct me if I’m wrong and lead or direct my thoughts so I don’t get confused at the beginning of learning Kabbalah… (English is not my native language so excuse me if I make some spelling or grammar errors.)

    -Evolution of every species on this planet aims to improove it as the whole and again, means that not every single creature that belongs to it should necessary survive. Talking about humanity, goes the same. But in nature we can see that only the strongest survive (means: physically strongest, or the species that are capable to adapt faster), with humans it is different in some way – it’s all on conceus level, the way humanity needs to advance is consciously – the ability of each one of us to change, correct him/herself in spiritual way, from egoistic to altruistic being as much as possible. (I wonder what happens on that level when one is able to achieve the highest point of conceusness… for example, how our “reality” looks like from that point? This… must be very interesting.)

    -When we talk about the evolution we definitely have to “rise” our thoughts so we try to look at “bigger picture”, I mean – the Creator definitely has no time limits as we have them in our reality; we have the idea of “time” in our own lives /hours, days, years/ which means nothing in this context – when we talk about evolution of humanity as the whole and the Creator behind this process.

    -Are the evil and negative forces actually the “selection tools” of the Creator? I mean…>

    -Each one of us has the abilities given by the Creator in order to survive, to evolve and to advance, means if we use our abilities, the humanity as the whole shall move forward, advance.

    For example, we all have the ability to distinct, to recognize what’s good or not, good or evil, or to recognize negative forces that has been put on us; we can recognize the evil forces around us, but also very important – we are able to recognize the Light of Creator in each and every second of our time, in everything that’s around us and in us, and the path of our lives on this planet (only that the evil and negative is most of the time very loud);

    -We also have the freedom of choice as unique gift from the Creator, it seems to me now that it was given to us with really unconditional pure LOVE so we could make our choices not only to survive, but to advance, to improove ourselves and life around us. There’s also huge “amount” of creative power in us, which is the Light of Creator itself ?

    -So again, what each one of us is going to do with the “tools” provided by the Creator – is the matter of our own choice and we have our own responsibility for all the gifts that has been given to us; and not that it is only our “free will” to make our own choices, we are in some way “obliged” to use what we already have and that obligation is for Love and from Love – because it has been given to us with such Love…? Here I’m talking about the state of mind like “I will use all the gifts that Creator gave me and I’m choosing to correct myself and change because I’m aware of the Love behind all these gifts I received and I’ll change because I love the Creator who is loving me that much” – Love for the Love itself (sorry, this is long but because of my English…) But if the correction aims to be the right one – it means that it has to be made with this (altruistic) love in the roots of all our actions; does it mean, again, that only those who can feel this / understand this / and correct this way – can survive and evolve? This leads us again to the beginning of this comment – and what happens with those humans who can’t reach this point ? [Reff. previous comment: superior or inferior, we should still let the Creator to decide.]

    -Means that the purpose of each one of us is – to use all what’s been given to us by the Creator in order to improove ourselves, each one of us on individual level which would have, as final result, developing and advancement of the whole humanity… and, again: in our 3D world everything that exists needs to be in balance; when there’s the point when humanity evolves to the final point, means changing “the world” – moving to “upper world” ? Is it so? Because, if there’s only Bestow, altruism, love – no balance, no need for any balance. Absolutely different and way advanced then this “3D in the box” world. The question at this moment is: Who and why locked us in it? – But I will have the answer by Kabbalah in time?

    Lot of questions arise in me reading this and simmilar articles and while I’m trying to introduce with Kabbalah as much as possible before the first semester starts in October. I can hardly wait… perhaps it will be interesting to take a look at these thoughts later. I apologize this comment is very long. I will be honestly grateful to those who take time to read and perhaps try to direct my thoughts in certain way so I could move fw step by step, not to be this “confused”… Thank you very much.

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