The Crisis Will Bring Us Back To Marx’s Theory

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur state depends on how we evaluate it, according to what values. A person receives a scale of values from the environment. We started to develop due to the environment when we climbed down from the trees. All of human development occurs because society promotes that it’s necessary to be big, strong, and prosperous. Thus the progress of humanity began.

The development is only possible thanks to the community. If society had not instilled new values in us, in excess of what is required by the body for simple existence, we would have remained as animals. We are no different from them except for the element of competition, which we are engaged in amongst ourselves, a development due to the environment.

The environment is evolving and we are developing together with it. This development is not characteristic of animals, only of humans. A special kind of animal that can grow due to the environment is called a human being in this world. And the kind of human being who is able to develop by means of purposefully developing his environment is called a Kabbalist. These are two stages that rise above the animal level: an ordinary person and a Kabbalist.

Kabbalists specially develop their environment to evolve due to it, as if they pull themselves up by the hair. Average people do not do that. Society develops and pulls them in different directions in the same plane of this world, but not towards qualitatively new values.

Thus, humanity evolves naturally until it comes to a crisis. The development based on competition leads to the situation when a part of humanity is insanely enriched and the other completely impoverished. The situation becomes critical because no middle layer is left. We have already passed the stage when society had hoped to achieve universal prosperity, the realization of the American dream that promised everyone abundance for his work.

But this is impossible; human egoism will not let the rich sacrifice even a bit. It will force them to keep 100% of their wealth. The most they will tear from themselves for the poor is 0.1% only so the poor can somehow survive and serve the rich, but not more.

So, we return to Marx’s theory because our ego separates us to the antagonistic poles between which war is inevitable. The attempt to build a developed post-industrial welfare society has failed because in this case someone has to sacrifice his profit; the rich should share with the poor. And why should they suddenly agree to that if it’s possible to squeeze out of the poor everything and leave only a minimum so they will not starve to death?

Our egoism deprives us of reason; you look at the world and are amazed by what happens in it: The rich are killing themselves by their actions, risking their own lives. But they cannot stop. The ego is growing and forcing them to act in this manner.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/18/13, Writings of Rabash

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