Two Prohibitions In Relations With Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I share my joy and impressions with a friend, how do I know that it does not harm him?

Answer: There are two prohibitions in relations with friends.

The first prohibition is to tell no one about your relationships with the Creator. The only person with whom you can talk about this is your wife if she is constantly with you on the path. With the friends you can talk about anything related to your relationship with the group, studies, and anything else, except your relationship with the Creator.

The second prohibition is in no way, not by word, not by gesture, not by facial expressions,to express any disdain for spiritual work. Do not decrease friends’ desires, but all the time try to awaken and develop their desire towards the goal. Do not provoke any momentary, insignificant descent in them. Be careful not to trigger it even by some gesture: watch constantly for this. In the end you will have to feel yourself in ascent all the time. Otherwise, they will take this degradation from you.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 3

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  1. An honest question, not a challenge. Please answer, dear Rav Laitman, so I can know how to better honor & serve HaShem; so I won’t have a lingering temptation to disobey, serving myself, thinking I know better. :
    Why not share about my relationship with HaShem? Isn’t that what the navi’im did in their writings? What is the reason & consequences? Genuinely confused & inquiring. Please answer. Thank you so much.

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